James Wanless Ph.D.

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Join James in Egypt!

December 7th – 21st 2016

The Voyager Egypt Journey

Explore the beauty and history of Egypt with James Wanless and your guide Yvon Taken. In this spiritual cultural journey through Egypt we visit museums, important places, places of power and temples to meet face to face with the religion, spirituality, art, architecture and society of yesteryear. This trip can bring us in touch with our deeper emotional layers and psychological and physical well-being.

James Wanless is the great Creator – Inspirer – Symbolist & World Coach of the Voyager Tarot.

Yvon Taken is a music therapist, soundhealer, & Egypitian healer.

Together we journey through the Land of Ra & the Land of Magic to experience & lift up our Voyager Magical Consciousness!

During your stay in Abydos you will be included in a four day high level Master Voyager Egypt Class

Are you The Magician – The Priestess – The High Priest

Experience the beauty of Egypt & find out.

Meditation & Temple Experiences & Rituals

Egypt Magic Voyager Tarot Certificate

Itinerary James Wanless Voyager Egypt Journey

7 Dec. You Arrive in Cairo.

8 Dec. Visiting of the museum of Cairo. In the evening a visiting of Old Cairo, the famous souk Khan Khalillie…..

9 Dec. Visiting of Imhotep museum at Sakkarra – the incredible Serapeum and the pyramid of Djoser at Sakkara.

10 Dec. Visiting of the pyramids and the Sphinx’s. After that we will continue our way to El Minja.

11 Dec. Visiting of Tel El Amarna, the land of Pharaoh Achnaton and his Queen Nefertiti.

12 Dec. Visiting of Aschmoenihien, the land of Thoth and the ancient cemetery Toena El Djebel, dedicated to Thoth. After that we will continue our way to Abydos.

The four coming day’s we will stay in the Hotel Healing Centre House of Life at Abydos.

13 Dec. Day of relaxation.

14 – 17 Dec.

egypt015Your Egypt Masterclass which will take place every morning from 10:30 u. – 13:00 u.

13:00 u – 14:00 u. Lunch

13:00 – 15:00 u. Taking rest.

15:00 – 18:00 u. Visiting the Temples of Sety I and Ramsess II and relaxation.

18:00 u – 19:00 u. Diner

20:00 u – 22:00 u. Evening Master classes.

18 Dec. Visiting of the Hathor Temple at Dendera. After that we will continue to Luxor.

19 Dec. Visiting the Valley of the Kings.

20 Dec. Visiting Karnak temple and Luxor temple.

21 Dec. Your final day of the the tour.

Traveling with James and Yvon through Egypt will certainly be
one great inspiring and fascinating happening.
Be sure that amazing experiences will happen to you.

Feel it, See it, Believe it, Do it!

The fee of this magical tour:

The fee of this magical tour is $1965 based on sharing a double room.
The fee of a single room will be $2240

Included in that fee is the masterclass – hotels with breakfast – lunch and diner and one drink after every meal.

It Excludes

Your travel including the flight ticket to Cairo, visa, tips and the tickets for the temples and museums.

You will need to provide your own flight and travel to Cairo,

The price for the visa will be $25, – and will be arranged when we arrive at the Cairo airport.

The price for the tips will be $90,

Giving tips to temple guardians and hotels employees are a part of the income of the Egyptians. It will guarantee us that we can do our work in the temples and important places without disturbing and will give us a good service.

The total price for the museums and temple tickets will be $170

Please feel free to contact Yvon Taken with any questions or for additional information.

Voyager Egypt Journey
Voyager Egypt Journey
Masterclass – Hotels with breakfast – lunch & diner with one drink after every meal. Travel to the locations once in Cairo
Price: $1,965.00
Room :

The Voyager Tarot is an inspirational, contemporary tarot deck of symbolist James Wanless and artist Ken Knutsen. The Voyager is named after the spacecraft has photographed the outer planets of our solar system.

As this space has increased our knowledge about the space outside us, so we can increase our self-knowledge, using the Voyager Tarot.

“Voyager” means “traveler”. With the cards from the Voyager Tarot we travel through the fascinating and imposing landscapes of the different layers of our consciousness which also Egypt effortlessly and naturally will open in us.

Therefore traveling with James and Yvon through Egypt will certainly be one great inspiring and fascinating happening. Be sure that amazing experiences will happen to you.

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