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How Captain Pickacard, James Wanless, has utilized the Archetypes of Fool Child through Fortune to overcome Cancer!


(Excerpt from James Wanless Series “Invasions of the Prostate Snatchers (NOT”)

Awakened by my prostate cancer, I knew there was plenty of good oncologists, but what about me as a patient?.  For every doctor out there, how about the healer in ourselves?  Many assume that a pill or procedure will do the job, but as we know, success at anything is always an “inside job.” That’s why placebos work so well. Never underestimate the power of the mind.

So, what could I do to co-heal with the radiation therapy, the shots, the pills, and cope with all the unholy physical effects?  The answer… take my own medicine!  Activate the primordial power and wisdom of the universal personality archetypes within us all that are found primarily in the Voyager Tarot cards of “FOOL” through “FORTUNE.”  These are the heavyweights of every tarot and constitute what I call the “fortune formula.”  By embodying these deep and primordial inner resources, you can do just about anything and succeed, like defeating cancer.

Everyday, I take this formula.  It starts with being the HERMIT, going inwards knowing that I am my own best physician.  Within our very DNA, we have inherited eons and eons of self-healing experience.  Armed with this confidence, I take ultimate responsibility for curing myself.

Akin to my inner Hermit is the PRIESTESS “wise woman” archetype. She represents our inner knowing, our intuition, for what is best for ourselves. The word, “intuition,” means education from within.  I am a total believer in this power having followed it relentlessly and researched it, as evidenced in two of my books, “Intuition@Work” and “Strategic Intuition for the 21st Century.”  When I was first introduced to the book, “Invasion of the Prostate Snatchers,” co-written by my friend Ralph Blum of the Runes with an oncologist doctor, I knew immediately that this was the physician for me. When i met Dr. Scholz, I intuitively liked him. No BS, no nerd, a fit, physical guy, innovative, widely respected, and funny!

All this is good by going inwards trusting and believing in myself, but it’s easy to get depressed and frightened about it all, which must be countered. So, I call upon the FOOL-CHILD archetype who with an open child-like mind of wonder reminds me that it’s all an “adventure.”  Life is an adventure. Cancer is an adventure. Add to that the FORTUNE-MAKER archetype who declares that everything, and I mean everything, is an “opportunity” to be more of me and to do what I am supposed to be doing with my life. Both of these archetypes give us the correct mind-set about life that “it’s all good,” even cancer.

Vital to successfully living this adventure and opportunity is knowing that we can’t do it alone.  Not only must I have a medical team, but trusted friends!  This means calling in the LOVERS archetype, which is about reaching out to others for help and support.  In fact, a great friend of mine, Julie King, stepped forward and created a fundraising platform to raise money for my medical expenses. As of now, over a hundred of my friends/clients/students have contributed. Just experiencing this has been most comforting to me and is a major contributor my ongoing healing.

And for sure when your life is threatened, it’s time to make some magic by following the Magician’s “fortune formula” for manifestation. Starting with the MAGICIAN archetype, use the magic of imagination.  By visualizing myself coming through cancer and becoming a more golden, radiant, successful, happier, healthier person, I have the inspiration and focus. What you see, you can be.

Then, as the heartfelt EMPRESS, feel the great desire and love you have to live, live well, and live long!  I ask myself everyday, while placing my hands on my heart, why I want to continue living with five different reasons. I call it the “Five Why’s” and it works because it helps me sustain my motivation for surviving and thriving.

But all of this good inner work of accessing and embodying these amazing archetypes that we all have within us is for naught unless we believe!  The HIEROPHANT wisdom teacher is that part of us that keeps us mindful about staying positive and booting out the negative inner judge and doubter. Of course, there are setbacks along the healing path and in fact, there is no success without setback – each setback is actually one step back and two steps forward.  I am mindful that I will not let the “shadow demon” within sabotage my life and my work! Thank you our Hierophant mentor of mindfulness.

Now that I see it, feel it, and believe it, I do it!  As the CHARIOT archetype, I keep exercising and moving my body.  Radiation has done some weird things to my body, let alone to my memory, but unless “you use it, you lose it.”  So, I walk almost everyday, up hills, along the beach and I make it an aerobic walk of walking fast, breathing hard, and sweating, in spite of the hot flashes. And I pump weighted balls for my muscle workout.  In fact, my great doctor wrote into his therapy for me, in addition to the testosterone blockers and radiation treatments, that I’m supposed to go to the gym three times a week.

Then, the BALANCE archetype counsels me to be patient, take it one step and one day at a time. Time is a great healer.  And so is food, so I am on a good diet where “food is medicine.”  When I talk to my inner Balancer, she says, “keep going and stay chill. You are ok, okay enough!” I love enoughness. Enough is enough. OK!

Onwards and back to the FORTUNE MAKER, I am told to make my healing way a repetitive habit!  Around and around, keep repeating all the great principles of the archetypes.  Repeat these and you will not deplete.  The reward of self-renewal is on its way!

This healing path has surely made me more conscious of all my wise and powerful inner archetypes. I have an excellent relationship with them because they are me and beyond me.  Archetypal connectivity is a surefire way to engage and channel the higher power. Having the life force on your side makes you far more stronger than usual. Finally, the “x-factor” of the Fortune Formula is expectancy. I expect a miracle of complete cancer remission and a more wholesome and complete human with destiny fulfilled. This is how miracles happen!