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Voyager “Time Space Therapy”

FUTURE PULL COUNSELING – Voyager “Time Space Therapy”

Now, “seeing with new eyes,” I’ve focused on Voyager Counseling, rather than old traditional “reader” appellation.  Every time I tried on and saw, “Voyager Counselor,” I had a funny, familiar feeling. Then, aha! My intuition told me to google StarTrek and there it was, Deanna Troi, the first star fleet “Counselor.” Though not a “Voyager” ship counselor, which later came to be, Troi on the “Enterprise” came to the call of realizing that extended space travel resulted in psychological problems. She specialized in empathy and telepathy, both qualities of a Voyager Tarot counselor and seer, and so necessary on our own ship called Earth spinning through time and space.



This all got me to thinking about the true Troi-like “high” priestess in the Voyager Deck – “XX Time-Space.” This quality within us all is the ability to foresee through time and space. But we do not use this gift nearly enough to forecast our own healthy future.11263942_854620427953960_335530823377190490_n-1Like the Time-Space card suggests, fly ahead of your life and look to your future ten years from now. Studies have shown that people can easily recall their past ten years but have great difficulty seeing ahead, which tells me that unless you can imagine your future, you are somehow in denial and blocking yourself, your growth, your potentiation, your destined apotheosis – thus you are not optimally healthy, alive and consciousness on any level of being.

“What you see, you will be” is a law of magic. Once you as the Priestess foresee, you turn into the “Magician” with the power to create the future and make fortunes by feeling, believing and doing it. Envision your optimum future in gold light. By maintaining this focus, you experience “future pull,” which is akin to a Redwood instinctively knowing/“seeing” its future as a grand tree. The life force naturally pulls the Redwood toward its appointed destiny. Allow yourself to be helped by the greatest power of all, the life force, that will surely pull you to realize the highest vision in your mind’s eye.

voyager captain_2_2Voyager Counselors enable clients to see their time and space ahead, help them feel it and believe it, and provide coaching with tangible actions. This is therapy, for as the Bible says, yes the Bible, “without vision, the people shall perish.” Voyager Counseling is “fortune creation.” Make it so.


Seeing With New Eyes

The Quantum Voyager Experience of Multi-D Oneness

I knew there was a reason I changed the traditional tarot’s “Judgment” XX card to “Time-Space” in Voyager, but I wasn’t too clear about it at the time, just that it intuitively felt right. Now, thirty-five years later, I understand. It’s about the quantum weirdness of “entanglement.” Sub-atomic particles, even though split and transported half way around the world are still essentially unified as they can communicate to each other simultaneously as though they are “one” (which makes even traveling faster across space than light a quaint old concept).

So, perhaps our own personal “vibe,” when we handle the cards, is being communicated at a quantum level to the sub-atomic particles that comprise the symbolic imagery and color of the cards. We become entangled with the cards as “like attracts like” and probably more quantumly accurate, “like IS like.” Hence the great and mysterious synchronicities that we experience by the amazing correctness of picking the “right card.”

Voyager is a refined quantum experience because of its richness of symbolic and imaginal multiplicity. Voyagering is a true “Multi-D” experience.

This is my latest exploration of the “oneness of existence.” None of the following was consciously pre-meditated or planned as a quantum experiment.

IMG_7822Before I was scheduled for surgery on my “droopy eyelids” yesterday that had prevented me from seeing clearly, I picked a Sustain Yourself Card from my green wisdom deck of 101 images. It was a photo of a fetus or human embryo, entitled “New,” flying through space coming to earth for its birthing. Prominently and quantumly/synchronistically showing the features of a new embryonic eye, my intuition saw the image as me getting “new” physical eyes to “see with new eyes” – to view things freshly in a subjective sense. (This embryo image is also featured in the Fool-Child card in Voyager and I was reminded to trust the surgery and that it was a new beginning in some kind of way for me.)


Though I wasn’t thinking about it, that new eye “insight” did lead me to look at myself and my work with new eyes. I saw clearly, and finally, that it was time to release the words, “tarot reader,” which has been the karmic cross I have been bearing with Voyager. It became crystal clear to call myself and certify others as Voyager Counselor. It doesn’t sound like such a big deal, but to somebody who has been identified with tarot reading professionally for 37 years, it is.

IMG_7823I asked the Voyager Cards about this name change and the Card I received was the Sage of Crystals “Knower.” Sages in Voyager are the elders, wise ones, advisors, experts, consultants and “counselors!” That clinched it for me. Score one for quantum entanglement. Perhaps Albert Einstein, pictured in the Sage Card, is still turning and tussling in the ethers over the crazy but true nature of the sub-atomic world.


We have all heard the proverbial “as above so below” and I would extend that truth to “as outside, so inside, and so ‘porch side.’” Changing my eyelids are the porch (portal) through which I interpret on the inside about what I see on the outside. As I looked through my “multi-dimensional” lens, I no longer saw “tarot reader,” but “voyager counselor.” So, changing the porch/portal of eyelids/eyesight (the physical body), quantumly and simultaneously impacts on perceptual consciousness which immediately affects and effects outside material reality.

With wide open eyes now, literally, I am seeing more like a child with a beginner’s open trusting mind. “Tarot Reader” seems like a world long ago. I have been finally released, I am new born with new eyes and new life.