Life Navigator & Mentor


The Fortune Wheel is Turning…

Revolution is upon us.

The world has changed and will continue to change.

You cannot afford to go along and get along as usual.

There is no usual.

Opportunity beckons.


Human life has evolved through the millennia and so have our needs and desires. Having taken care of our basic survival needs, we want more. In fact, we want it all. And we want it all our own way as we are accustomed to having individual freedom of expression, freedom of choice and freedom of ownership. And in this time of “immediate gratification,” we want it all now! Because we live a longer life, we want to sustain it all for a well life and long life.

More than ever before in human history, we want more and expect more.

We want it all.
We want it all our own way.
We want it all now.
We want to sustain it all for a long, long life.



However, with so many changing and swift-moving possibilities, complexities and uncertainties, knowing how to navigate and ride our spinning wheel of fortune is challenging and tricky.



Unfortunately, old life-roadmaps of success are old. Traditional and 20th century models of success are obsolete. FORTUNE FORMULA is the 21st century roadmap. It gives you direction, a navigation tool, and activation process for creating it all. With this “life GPS,” you are not simply a subject of the capricious forces of life’s up and downs and all around wheel of chance. With an up-to-date, and inspiring navigation medium for immediately implementing your inherent richness, you will not be lost blowing in the wind, hoping, wondering, and wandering.

images-2_2Following the FORMULA is the best course of action to have it all because you hold in your own hands your gifts and powers to be yourself and to live abundantly as you are naturally created and meant to be.

Voyager Reader Certification

Ahoy Voyagers!

This the first time I have taught a Voyager Reader Certification Course in America in years! Now is your chance to get all the latest greatest understanding of this magnificent tool as “The Navigation Tool for the 21st Century.” The Course enables you to “be your own oracle” and to provide insight and inspiration to others as form of your own “right livelihood.”

Not only will you experience how Voyager work wonders for yourself, you are on track to become a professional Reader (Counselor or Consultant). Voyager is perfect for navigating these revolutionary times because it capitalizes upon uncertainty and change as a tarot. No other mental faculty is as important today in our complex world as our intuition, which Voyager demands as it’s the most intuitive deck that exists. There is no other genuinely empowering “wholistic” process as this mind-heart-body-spirit-archetypal map of life. Unlike traditional fortune-telling, Voyager is a proactive fortune-creation manifestation medium that brings results. In this age of psychology, Voyager is a meta-psychology that incorporates many psychologies and is a cognitive behavior therapy.

It is Voyager’s time and your time! Invest in yourself, educate yourself, grow yourself and liberate yourself to be all you can be and help others live their destiny.

The venue for the class is on the water and is outstanding. It’s here in Marina del Rey where I live.

The “SPECIAL BONUSES” for signing up for the whole Course:

  • New Voyager Deck
  • StarTree pdf. – the ultimate Voyager work book that gives you everything about everything in Voyager
  • Personal Consultation with me.


Email or Call Shelley Warren: 310.570.6693

Download more information

Join the Voyager “Journey to the Youniverse”. I hope to meet you as a fellow Seeker and Seer.

James Wanless
Captain Pick A Card

Voyager the Self Navigation Tool

In a Revolutionary New World

To survive and thrive in the 21st century voyage of life in a revolutionary world that is ever-changing, complicated, diverse, competitive, stressful and speeding, you must have a inner navigator that is more than just a compass or an old, out of date map and model of life.

Remember this, Success Is an Inside Job –  Know who you are, why you are, and how to be yourself and live your life purpose to be truly happy, healthy, wealthy and sustainable.

VOYAGER is your self-navigator. It is your “GPS of the Soul” – a multi-functional, all-purpose tool for sustainable wholeness and wellness.

Here is why VOYAGER is the correct Navigation Tool for the Times:  

  • VOYAGER works because it represents Universal, Eternal, and Archetypal symbols that are the basics and fundamentals for successful living in any age.
  • VOYAGER works because it is Multi-Cultural and applicable to any society, anywhere, at any time.
  • VOYAGER works because it is Wholistic and Synergizes your complete self of mental-emotional-physical-spiritual faculties.    
  • VOYAGER works because its Symbolic Imagery activates your own personal Subconscious and the collective Unconscious – aspects within yourself that mostly govern you.
  • VOYAGER works because in this age of revolutionary change, it opens yourself to New Ways of Thinking and Acting in the world.
  • VOYAGER works because its a Catalyst to your own Intuition, which is 21st century Intelligence in times of change and uncertainty.  
  • VOYAGER works because it is Immediate, either in Card or Digital media.
  • VOYAGER works because it is Interactive with simultaneous use by multiple players and participants. You can have fun with others, empower others, and get more connected to others.   
  • VOYAGER works because of its Collage medium, which reflects the diverse-combining-hybrid nature of the  world today.
  • VOYAGER works because it focuses on the essential four pillars of life:
    • Work and Wealth
    • Health
    • Love and Relationships
    • Home and Nature

Voyager is Your:

  • PSYCHOLOGIST for Whole Success that reveals Yourself, your Talents, and your Life Direction and Mission.
  • INNOVATOR and Creativity Catalyst that gives you New Insight into any Question or Issue.
  • DECISION-MAKER and Strategizer advising you what Decisions and Actions to take for success in Business, Money, Love, and Health.
  • LIFE COACH for continuous Self-Development.
  • LOYAL FRIEND FOR LIFE Motivator and Inspirer, Encourager, Cheerleader that Affirms Your Belief in Yourself.
  • COMMUNICATOR with Others that gives you Connection and Relationship by using the Cards with others.
  • FORECASTER because it can go back in life to retrieve and reclaim wisdoms within and can go ahead to foresee and forecast.  Yet, it simultaneously reflects the Present – It’s a “Simulcaster.”
  • TEACHER and MENTOR demonstrating how to Transform Negativities into Positive Opportunities for Learning and Personal Power. 

Three in One Tarot

Excellent training and its fun! I call it “edutainment.”

This is one of my favorite exercises in the Advanced Training for students seeking Voyager Reader’s Certification. It’s innovative, intuitive, interactive, insightful!

group-consiousness-2014-china-baby-voyager-manWho Am I Game

This is a great process to see how others see you and how you see yourself.

Gather a small group (around 4-6). Place one Deck in the middle. Everyone in the group picks as many cards as there are in the group (eg. four people in a group, so everyone picks four cards); If you pick a negative card, you can put it back in the pile and pick another. Determine intuitively which card in your hand is you, and then figure out a card for each person in the group. Go around the group and gift each other the card you have chosen for them and explain why.

Tell Your Story

With the cards you now have in your hand (your own card and the cards given to you), form these cards into some kind of symbolic alignment that tells your story. Once everyone has determined that, go around the circle and present your story, card by card. Give your story a memorable title!

Group Consciousness

This process is called the “Whole Group Profile.” Compose a human body of all the cards the group has used. Place all Wands cards at top for crown chakra. Place all Crystals under in the head/mental position. Under the head in the chest and heart, place all the Cups cards. Make some legs for this body with all the Worlds Cards. Then place the female Major Archetype cards for the left arm and the masculine Majors for the right arm. For those neutral Majors, place them wherever on the body or above or below it.

Analyze the collective consciousness of the group by looking at the balance or imbalance of the “whole self” by the Suits and Majors. Notice what other patterns may be revealed.

This is particularly fun when there are several groups involved with a little competition between the groups by comparing the wholeness and uniqueness of each group’s body.

The Baby Voyager is great for building your body!