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Three in One Tarot

Excellent training and its fun! I call it “edutainment.”

This is one of my favorite exercises in the Advanced Training for students seeking Voyager Reader’s Certification. It’s innovative, intuitive, interactive, insightful!

group-consiousness-2014-china-baby-voyager-manWho Am I Game

This is a great process to see how others see you and how you see yourself.

Gather a small group (around 4-6). Place one Deck in the middle. Everyone in the group picks as many cards as there are in the group (eg. four people in a group, so everyone picks four cards); If you pick a negative card, you can put it back in the pile and pick another. Determine intuitively which card in your hand is you, and then figure out a card for each person in the group. Go around the group and gift each other the card you have chosen for them and explain why.

Tell Your Story

With the cards you now have in your hand (your own card and the cards given to you), form these cards into some kind of symbolic alignment that tells your story. Once everyone has determined that, go around the circle and present your story, card by card. Give your story a memorable title!

Group Consciousness

This process is called the “Whole Group Profile.” Compose a human body of all the cards the group has used. Place all Wands cards at top for crown chakra. Place all Crystals under in the head/mental position. Under the head in the chest and heart, place all the Cups cards. Make some legs for this body with all the Worlds Cards. Then place the female Major Archetype cards for the left arm and the masculine Majors for the right arm. For those neutral Majors, place them wherever on the body or above or below it.

Analyze the collective consciousness of the group by looking at the balance or imbalance of the “whole self” by the Suits and Majors. Notice what other patterns may be revealed.

This is particularly fun when there are several groups involved with a little competition between the groups by comparing the wholeness and uniqueness of each group’s body.

The Baby Voyager is great for building your body!

Voyager Tarot Deck: Intuition Cards

The Voyager Tarot deck is the oracle for the 21st century. Voyager is a timeless symbology beyond any tarot deck.

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Voyager Tarot SetEven if you have never before delved into the mysteries of the tarot, you’ll find the Voyager Tarot deck enlightening and easy to use. Just by playing with the cards and experiencing the beautiful imagery, you create a space for magic to happen, sparking your imagination and intuition.

Voyager Tarot Baby Cards
No longer available - Baby Voyager Tarot - Intuition Cards: Carry around in your pocket or bag. Comes with it's own drawstring bag. Card Size: 1-1/2 by 2-1/4 - This is a very small sized deck. And The Child of Worlds has been misprinted as Child of Wands.
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Voyager Tarot Deck Intuition Cards
Voyager Tarot Deck Intuition Cards

Best-selling, multicultural, revolutionary Deck in print since 1985 (over 250,000 sold), Voyager is a 21st century map of life for proactively navigating a whole life as the universal human. Combines intellect, psychology, art, and is picture-symbol rich for cultivating your intuition, the x-factor for success in a changing, uncertain world.

Includes a complete Guidebook for how to use the Deck and also detailed Card interpretations by Voyager creator, James Wanless, Ph.D.


My intuition was screaming at me, “Do it, do a YouTube!”  Yes, but… I don’t have a camera, I don’t know how to do this, I don’t, I don’t, I don’t.”

My intuition yelled at me again… “Just follow the energy and surf the inspiration.  Just feel it and do it.”

So, here I was in front of a little digital still camera with some video capability talking about the “Year of the Priestess.” (2009 adds up to the single digit number 2 and that corresponds with the Priestess archetype card in the tarot).

The Priestess concept felt potent, it smelled tasty, it sounded clear – all intuitive green lights.  Going with the green, which my mythic Greening Man mentor told me to do to be sustainable and successful, I  synchronistically came upon the fact that President Obama has the “Life Card” of the Priestess (he’s a two by virtue of his birthdate numbers).  Now I am talking tarot and politics, right up my wheelhouse as a Ph.D. political scientist and as a tarotist.

Then I find out that Vice President Biden and Michelle Obama are also Priestesses.

Also, 2009 adds up to 11, which in Voyager Tarot corresponds with the Leo archetype called Strength. Lo and behold, Priestess and President Obama is a Leo.  So, then I am YouTubing about integrating wise Priestess and expressive Leo types.

It keeps going.  Obama is the 44th President, which in the tarot is the number associated with the Fool-Child card.  This archetype represents new beginnings, a new dawn of a new age.

Indeed, I hit a gold mine, a rich vein for explaining the new politics of Obama.  All because I trusted and acted on my intuition.  Just follow your gut and keep going.  It will take you places your logical mind could not have imagined.  And you will make mistakes. So?  “If your not mistaken’, you’re not tryin’.  Remember the Fool-Child.  “It is only the Fool that becomes wise” said some sage that I can’t remember at the moment.The Priestess is smiling and I am in my synchronistic flow.

The next YouTube broadcast?  We shall feel and see.

Predicting The Future: Get The Info!

I am not too big on forecasting human events (though I do read the cards professionally), but when called upon to do so, I get as much information as possible.  It’s called “infoition.”

There’s a political scientist (Bruce Bueno di Mesquita), who gets hired to predict for “companies” like the CIA.  Apparently, he’s quite successful and it’s all explained in his recent book, “The Predictioneer’s Game.”

I like what he does in breaking any situation down into four elements: who has a stake; what each want; how much they care; and how much influence they have on others.  I would do the same.

He then puts number values on these and runs it on all on a computer and it spills out the probabilities.  Amazing.  I just wonder how he selects those number values.  Intuition.

Some professional “intuitives” disdain getting information and to me that is guessing, taking a stab in the dark.  When one of those stabs hits and comes true, though not often, it’s hailed as a regular occurrence and super-human status is conferred to the lucky guesser.

I’d rather bet on an “infomaniac.”  Get the info!