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Why Get a Voyager Consultation with Me?
– James Wanless, Ph.D., Voyager Creator, Teacher, Consultant, Master

Here is why Voyager Consultations are so valuable, so revolutionary, and so right for managing our 21st century topsy turvy, uncertain life of speeding change.

The Voyager Consultation

First things first, I am not a prediction reader. The Voyager is not taught as a traditional way of “reading” the Cards.

As a Voyager “Consultant,” I use the Cards on the Voyager “roadmap of life” to proactively create our desired future.  Prophecies are self-fulfilled by ourselves, not by another person or piece of paper like a Card.  I provide the principles for activating in you the Voyager process for “fortune creation,” not fortune telling in which clients give away their own power.

If you are interested in learning how to consult the Voyager cards in addition to becoming empowered with insight, inspiration and tools of transformation, it’s a time-proven, great idea to get a session with me.

I live and teach how to do Voyager Consultations – that means to actually embody the great personality archetypes of life in Voyager for how to perform a session. Our profession as a Voyager visionary and wisdom-keeper is meant to be own growth path, purpose, and passion.

I’m ready to work with James!

Here below are the Voyager Consulting principles that I have developed, and which work. I call them the “EBC’s for Effective Consulting.”  Through personal experience, I have found that the traditional way of “tarot reading” are mostly outdated techniques and obsolete roadmaps.  My mission with Voyager has always been to bring the tarot out of the musty, old occult closet and into the light of a modern world full of new thinking and choices, diversity, change, possibility, opportunity, personal power, and wholistic action as a path and psychology for human potentiation and sustainable success.

The Three Forms Of Consulting Voyager

There are three different kinds of consulting that are all taught as separate levels of Voyager Professional Certification.

CONSULTATION The most popular is a basic one-hour “Consultation” session of getting insight into your questions along with the methods and motivation for getting  you on the way.

COACHING is an action-based session for achieving a set goal defined by you, the client. This could be the “Hero’s Journey” or “Magic Ring” or “Growth Tree” action-map processes.
This requires follow up and a series of sessions.

COUNSELING is a more wholistic and archetypal psychology session based upon the Whole Self Mandala that shows how to achieve the highest states of Brilliance, Ecstasy, Success and Illumination; integration of feminine and masculine; and optimum conditions of money, work, home and love.

The EBC’s

Experience Matters

I can relate to most people because at almost 75 years young, I’ve encountered most situations and questions.  Like the Universe archetype, I’ve been around the proverbial block, and also around the world, around different cultures, lifestyles, values.  Over 40 years (I first started reading Cards in 1977), I have developed a unique style of “question and answer” interaction. I know business, relationships, psychology, health, spirituality… you name it.  We talk about what you want to talk about with your questions, always using the universal principles of the Cards. So, the more life-experience you have, the better Voyager Consultant you are.

I’m ready to work with James!


My consultation style includes knowing your story, your situation and you by having a conversation to begin a session. As a down to earth person because we live in this physical earth plane, it’s necessary to have a context, a real understanding of your life situation to look forward with practical planning, which gives you the foundation and rock to then fly and evolve.

Embodying the wisdom of the venerable Empress-Mother archetype, it’s vital to actually like people, be an extrovert, and communicate in a friendly, open, natural way. I truly enjoy getting to know you, what makes you tick, and what your inner and outer challenges are.

Tarot-wise people are often introverts, but the Cards are great to be shared and in so doing, we grow ourselves and come into a more balanced intro-extrovert person.

Empower and Energize!

As the Voyager Chariot archetype, I move and motivate you. I want results, so I do my best to get you inspired to get going with your life.  True motivation happens when goals are doable and there is real reward.  Pie in the sky rah-rah is NOT useful and, in fact, can damage our fragile psyches.

I am an enthusiast and endeavor to transmit my live vitality to you!  Energy is the true bottom line of everything. Cards through picture-symbols, their stories, their synchronicity and surprise give us juice for life!


By the process of “active listening” and physically “mirroring” you, I can “put on your mocassins” as they say, and thus recommend actions and steps for effective guidance. The Lovers archetype and sculpture is a perfect example of empathic communication.

I combine this intuitive skill of accurately assessing a person by trusting the Cards and matching them to you.  I believe implicitly in them, for they are a true model of a 21st century human.  Adhering to the Cards gives us the best roadmap for success because in this changing world, the powers and qualities of ourselves symbolized by the Cards provide us with the best course to take.

Consulting the Cards is an excellent way to enhance your intuition and empathic communication, which are keys to successful life.

I’m ready to work with James!


This quality is perhaps the most difficult for a Voyager Consultant.  Like a Priestess, Equanimity requires an open hearted mind that is balanced and as objective as possible. Most readers tend to project their own values and preferences onto a client. That is simply an erroneous way for seeing the real truth.  It takes mindful, self-awareness to know one’s own predilections and preferences and not introduce them when counseling.

It’s good to be upfront, so I often tell my clients that I am an activist who believes in taking actions; but sometimes, the cards and the client are more suited for some time-out for time-in reflection and patience.

Equanimity means balanced honesty, so even when all the Cards are great, I always ask for the “red flag” Card, which represents what could be in the way as an obstacle and challenge.  As I say, “Once we have previewed, we can prepare, prevent, and prevail.”


Like the Hierophant, I treat a Consultation as a teaching.  The “Voyager Way” always subscribes to wholism, which is inherent in the four suits of Cards, in the male/female Cards and in the Sage/Child Cards.. But we all need to be reminded of the synergistic effect of going all in with heart and mind, body and soul.

As for “prediction,” it’s important to talk about how our own consciousness changes the future and that we ourselves, self-fulfill a prophecy by our actions. Prediction, thus, is about possibility and intentional proactivity.

Educating people to the “fortune mind” and the Fortune archetype is essential for creating the future and a happy, healthy, wealthy and wise life. This means treating every so-called “negative” Card as a warning.  Turning it around by reframing our thinking, we compost the Card and transform it into strength and opportunity.  Negative Cards do not mean a negative session nor a negative life. In fact, many of my most enlightened clients may pick many of these fertile compost Cards because they are willing to learn, transform, and grow by our very challenges, most of which are internal and based upon old, socialized, dysfunctional beliefs.

One of the greatest teachings is to remember that “success is an inside job.”  Mostly, we all think about external happenings that affect our lives, but in fact, the only thing we can control is ourselves.  For example, when a client asks about finding the love of their life, I first want to know how they love and relate to themselves. As for questions about money, I often begin by asking how a client values themselves and how rich they are as a person.

I’m ready to work with James!

Enroll and Enlist

In this proactive style of “fortune creation,” I ask the client for their commitment to take some doable steps for realizing their aspirations.  This requires providing the “magic manifestation fortune formula.”  As the Magician archetype, I induct you into a short meditation whereby you see your success, feel your motivation, affirm your self-belief, and commit to an action, or more better, to the creation of a new “fortune habit” – a series of continuous behaviors designed to produce the purposed outcome of success.

The Bonus Card

The true Voyager is not only aware of their own wholistic and archetypal psychology represented by the Voyager “map of the human psyche,” but is also connected to nature from which we are all created.  I always treat my clients with a Card from my “green wisdom” Deck of 101 nature cards called “Sustain Yourself.”  I ask, “What does Mother Nature want to tell you?”  If you don’t relate to nature as your own nature, you are simply not whole.

My “Voyager Pro” class includes using both of my Decks simultaneously!  It’s radical, which means fundamental.

Voyager Consultation with James
Reading - Counseling - Coaching - Mentoring
One hour In-Person or by Skype
One-Hour enlightening, inspiring, practical, savvy consultation with James Wanless is a fortune creation process for making your visions and dreams come true!
Price: $150.00
WOW! Way Of Wholeness: Path of Paths
WOW! Way Of Wholeness: Path of Paths
Skype - Phone - In Person
Whole Self Mandala - Counsel Reading
Ten-Card session to analyze and activate your state of wholeness that includes Mind-Heart-Body-Spirit; Powers of Attraction and Creation; and Path of Success for Money, Work, Home, Love.
Price: $150.00
Coaching Whole Self Mandala
Coaching Whole Self Mandala
Prescriptive, proactive reading that gives you an action-map for becoming whole.
Price: $150.00