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James Wanless, Ph.D. grows people and organizations based on four essential core life values: how to be whole, creative, sustainable and wealthy. Known as a “Pathmaker of the Times,” this 71 year-young futurist, corporate trainer, motivational speaker, mentor and entrepreneur has created a unique formula for successfully navigating through our changing, complex and demanding world.

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We’ve heard it before.  Self-made gurus touting their harrowing road to financial success, promising the benefits of their “faster track.”

We’ve been drenched in recycled reflections as to what makes us tick, and how we can become our greater selves with just a few easy steps. Many leaders offer helpful roadmaps to success, but how many of them lay out a clear formula for becoming sustainable in the process by embracing our intuition, the laws of nature, and designing our lives from a global and even universal frame of reference?

Enter, futurist and entrepreneurial leader, James Wanless, Ph.D. – a force of nature himself, and a man on the move to reawaken our cognition that prosperity is in our DNA. It simply needs a reboot. Thus, the FORTUNE FORMULA was created to redefine our relationship to wealth from the inside out, rather than having our value systems defined by outside authorities and unstable external sources.

We need to expand our mindset in a manner that is relevant for our times of change and uncertainty, claims Wanless.  Embracing the unknown is a vital component of this alchemy of the soul, which opens us to an abundance of possibilities outside the limitations of the predictable.

Wanless offers an unmatched toolkit for that ranges from a wholistic and synergistic path of self-potentiation to the nuts and bolts of YouBiz, where ‘who you are’ is what your business is.

Wanless’ latest program and published book, FORTUNE FORMULA, is based on “10 Golden Rules, Gifts and Powers to Have It All and Be Rich Enough for Life” that demonstrates how to ride the revolutions of our times: individuality; creative economy; sustainability; and connectivity

He adds, “I’ve put together everything I’ve learned about the ‘science of manifestation,’ from meditation in Buddhist monasteries to the latest neuroscience of cognitive human behavior, to show how to prosper in a multi-dimensional way and turn challenges into springboards for activating innate genius.”

THE FORTUNE FORMULA is a 21st Century Roadmap and Activation process for becoming: Wealthy, Healthy and Happy for a Long and Meaningful Life Shared with Others, Earth and the Future.

Unlike previous success blueprints which are outdated versions of an “action = future results” mechanistic philosophy, FORTUNE FORMULA utilizes the “immediate gratification” ethos of our times by the dictum, “Be All of Yourself because You Have It all, Now!” For that to happen, Wanless offers his Do-Ability Test of Seeing it, Feeling It, Believing It, Doing It, and Repeating It” to establish new productive “rich habits.”

He originally put this program together for China, recognizing that it’s unbridled, enthusiastic focus on money could benefit from some wise counsel on expanding their relationship to wealth in a balanced, moral and sustainable way.

The program’s success created a demand for James’ work back in the U.S, where he’s now conducting 2-day workshops, highlighting the FORTUNE FORMULA’S powerful TEN GOLDEN RULE ACTIVATIONS, along with in-depth private coaching sessions.


For information on the FORTUNE FORMULA, and to research or request workshops in your area, go to:, or call: 831-915-0178.

For a digital and video preview of the FORTUNE FORMULA by James M. Wanless, Ph.D.,:

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