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Workshop: Discover the Renewable You!

Nature’s Wisdom for Self-Sustainability

Learn the basic principles of perpetual self-renewal, of how to re-energize and sustain for a long, successful and well life – the Holy Grail today – through the eternal and universal principles of Mother Nature’s “green wisdom” by using the Sustain Yourself Card Deck.

Grow yourself to evolve and stay relevant in life by experiencing how to use the 101 Sustain Yourself Cards.  You will know how to use these nature Cards as your Coach to develop and grow yourself into your apotheosis – the highest expression of yourself.

You will experience the natural process of manifesting your goals and aspirations through the “Fortune Tree” Reading in which you will see by the organic unfoldment process of a tree, how to plant your seed intentions and reach full fruition of your life purpose.

It’s your unique opportunity to connect with your own nature and with the insight and inspiration of James Wanless, Greening Man, creator of the Sustain Yourself Cards; author of Sustainable Life: The Success & Adventures with Greening Man: My Mythic Mentor for Ever-Renewing Life.

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Voyager Tarot Medium Size w/US Shipping!
Voyager Tarot Medium Size w/US Shipping!
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Year Of The Horse Reading For The World And Yourself

Be Creative – Be The Cards – Grow Yourself

Cards are Fun!  Play with them in creative ways.  To honor the “Year of the Horse,” I horsed around with the cards.  In fact, as you can see in the videos below, I became a horse.  After days of being the horse in  photographic art performances throughout Los Angeles, I became “White Horse.

White HorseBecoming White Horse is a multi-media, mythic story as part of being the Chariot, in this 2014 Year of Seven (Chariot).

Tarot is far more than just pictures on paper.  Tarot is a spiritual and personal growth path, which results when you become the Cards!  Otherwise, tarot is just mental. Who needs more ideas?  We have 50,000 ideas a day.  We need to embody our great ideas that are archetypal and and that stretch us.  “Be The Cards.”

In Becoming White Horse, I became the various horses that are in Voyager.  These are the Lead Horse in the Chariot Card, the Water Horse in the Surfer Man of Cups, and the Fire Horse in Breakthrough Seven of Worlds.  In addition, I took on the qualities of the Air Horse in the Sustain Yourself Cards.

Thoughts on the Sun

Our sun keeps going and going because it is synergistic, meaning that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, and when the parts of this fireball go off, they are refueled by and refuel all other combustions – continuously multiplying and regenerating itself.