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Hong Kong April 2018

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Sustain Yourself Coach Certification Class

An Eco-Coaching Session With James Wanless

Check out your Natural Intelligence – the key to a renewable, sustainable success life.

Your ‘NQ’ – Natural Intelligence

  • Coaching Session for how to RENEW and SUSTAIN
  • How to live healthy and long.
  • How to maintain professionally and financially.
  • How to rekindle relationships.
  • How to regenerate and re-energize yourself.

Nature is the Roadmap for Renewing and Sustaining.

Nature knows how. Nature has succeeded for two and half billion years. As we are nature, we have the “renew-ability” and “sustain-ability” by following its life principles that are inherent within us.

Eco-Coaching Session With James Wanless
Eco-Coaching Session With James Wanless

1. All of Nature is Self-Responsible

Do You Take Responsibility For Your Life?

2. All of Nature Knows Who It Is.


Your Archetype
Free Spirit
Truth Seeker
Empire Builder Leader
Social Relater
Adventurer Explorer
Your Nature:

3. All of Nature Knows Why It Is.

What’S Your Purpose For Living?

4. All of Nature is Whole Within.

Active At Highest Levels

How mental and mentally positive are you?
How emotional and emotionally motivated are you?
How physical and physically healthy and energized are you?
How spiritual and inspired are you?

All Faculties In Agreement

How synergistic (in unity and in synch) are your mental thoughts, emotional feelings, physical sensations and spiritual intuitions?

5. All of Nature is One with its Environment, both Social and Natural.

How connected are you with the the people in your place?
How integrated are you with place of domicile?
How unified are you with the natural environment where you life?

6. All of Nature is Renewable.

How Capable Are You To Refresh And Rejuvenate Yourself?

Season Yourself:
Winter: How do you sleep?
Spring: How active and alive are you?
Summer: How much joy do you have and express?
Autumn: How do you harvest your work and get rewarded?

7. All of Nature is Adaptive.

How Change-Able Are You?

How are you adapting?
How do you get out of your comfort zone?
What’s your transformative breakpoint?

8. All of Nature Grows.

Elemental Growth Plan

Air: Got new ideas?
Water: Love it?
Fire: Embrace life force?
Earth: Have the resources?

9. All of Nature Knows How to Sustain

How Are You Sustainable?

What’s your opportunity in life now?
What setbacks do you turn into success?

Pick Cards For Your Opportunity… ‘What does Mother Nature want to tell you?

Manifestation Magic
Do you see your success?
Do you want to be successful?
Do you believe you can?
Do you do the do?
Do you keep repeating this?

Eco-Coaching Session With James Wanless
Eco-Coaching Session With James Wanless
Covid-19 Discount - Check out your Natural Intelligence – the key to a renewable, sustainable success life.
Price: $150.00
Price: $95.00

Three in One Tarot

Excellent training and its fun! I call it “edutainment.”

This is one of my favorite exercises in the Advanced Training for students seeking Voyager Reader’s Certification. It’s innovative, intuitive, interactive, insightful!

group-consiousness-2014-china-baby-voyager-manWho Am I Game

This is a great process to see how others see you and how you see yourself.

Gather a small group (around 4-6). Place one Deck in the middle. Everyone in the group picks as many cards as there are in the group (eg. four people in a group, so everyone picks four cards); If you pick a negative card, you can put it back in the pile and pick another. Determine intuitively which card in your hand is you, and then figure out a card for each person in the group. Go around the group and gift each other the card you have chosen for them and explain why.

Tell Your Story

With the cards you now have in your hand (your own card and the cards given to you), form these cards into some kind of symbolic alignment that tells your story. Once everyone has determined that, go around the circle and present your story, card by card. Give your story a memorable title!

Group Consciousness

This process is called the “Whole Group Profile.” Compose a human body of all the cards the group has used. Place all Wands cards at top for crown chakra. Place all Crystals under in the head/mental position. Under the head in the chest and heart, place all the Cups cards. Make some legs for this body with all the Worlds Cards. Then place the female Major Archetype cards for the left arm and the masculine Majors for the right arm. For those neutral Majors, place them wherever on the body or above or below it.

Analyze the collective consciousness of the group by looking at the balance or imbalance of the “whole self” by the Suits and Majors. Notice what other patterns may be revealed.

This is particularly fun when there are several groups involved with a little competition between the groups by comparing the wholeness and uniqueness of each group’s body.

The Baby Voyager is great for building your body!



One of the most fulfilling things I do in Asia is give a person a western name! Names mean so much. They are our face, our logo, our identity, and most importantly, indicate our sense of self. I love my name the most because I was named after my grandfather (William James Wanless) who was Knighted by the King of England for his medical missionary work in India.

On this last trip, I was asked by a young Japanese woman to help her with her new name. How do I come up the name? I ask the cards! Remember, I am, aka. “Captain Pick A Card.” The Voyager Card she selected was “INTEGRITY.” Integrica as a name for her? An exotic name, but not really! So, if the word-title on the Card does not work, I look at the picture-symbols. I hummmm, like the intuitive sounding-out of the Priestess, and move my finger around the Card until something strikes me. In the Integrity Card it was the picture of St. Patrick’s Church in New York City. Patrick, Patrick, I repeat, knowing it’s a male name, and then aha!… PATRICIA. The name feels good for me and I ask the young woman and she loves it! ( I explained that “Patricia” is derived from the Latin word, patrician, which means “noble.”) She likes that name even more, now. But what about a last name for her. Hmmmm… As I’m looking at her, she seems to have a rounded, moonish-like face. How about “Moon?” She swoons, of course, being a moon-lover that she is. I just got an email from her today with her new western email address that is Patricia Moon.

Check out the new Patricia Moon as she peers over pizza and tarot after the “sacred naming ritual” (“When the Moon hits your eye like a big Pizza Pie, that’s Amore,” so sang crooner, Dean Martin, a long time ago). Now, that’s a sign for her name being correct!

Anyone need a new name!?


While I hit the ground running in Tokyo, when I get home in Los Angeles, I hit the ground, literally crawling. Recovering from a big international work trip is not easy, and in fact, in some ways, more difficult than working.

While I have “nothing to do” at home, my body is busted, my back aches, my knees ache, and yet my brain is still on a creative roll. This is when sleep and diet are NOT overrated. I can’t sleep at night because of the enormous time change and my brain just won’t quit. So, here I am at 6 in the morning, already gone out for some coffee, and writing this with a slightly ditzy mind. The usual sleep enhancers like Melatonin and Valerian don’t really work for me.

Other than lack of sleep, the most vexing part of recovery is that I have a short temper and don’t want to see anyone. It’s Hermit time-out, alone time for me. Even facing Facebook is daunting. Fortunately, I have a house mate who is very understanding and puts no pressure on me to be sociable. This is one time that sports on TV and rental movies are therapy.

As for food, yay, I am back to my usual diet of whole foods, veggies, carrot and green juices. My stomach responds and my head feels better.

My “sophisticated” strategy for recovery is to just hang in there. SURRENDER. It takes time. Maybe today, after being home for 48 hours, I will begin to feel more normal and return to my usual happy, healthy demeanor. If there’s ever a time that the tarot’s Hanged Man archetype works for me, this is it. Be patient. This too shall pass.

Trying to do nothing, I give in to the impulse to begin work on my new book, “The Fortune Formula.” I’m excited and brings up my revival secret, start a new project. To create is to live!