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An Eco-Coaching Session With James Wanless

Check out your Natural Intelligence – the key to a renewable, sustainable success life.

Your ‘NQ’ – Natural Intelligence

  • Coaching Session for how to RENEW and SUSTAIN
  • How to live healthy and long.
  • How to maintain professionally and financially.
  • How to rekindle relationships.
  • How to regenerate and re-energize yourself.

Nature is the Roadmap for Renewing and Sustaining.

Nature knows how. Nature has succeeded for two and half billion years. As we are nature, we have the “renew-ability” and “sustain-ability” by following its life principles that are inherent within us.

Eco-Coaching Session With James Wanless
Eco-Coaching Session With James Wanless

1. All of Nature is Self-Responsible

Do You Take Responsibility For Your Life?

2. All of Nature Knows Who It Is.


Your Archetype
Free Spirit
Truth Seeker
Empire Builder Leader
Social Relater
Adventurer Explorer
Your Nature:

3. All of Nature Knows Why It Is.

What’S Your Purpose For Living?

4. All of Nature is Whole Within.

Active At Highest Levels

How mental and mentally positive are you?
How emotional and emotionally motivated are you?
How physical and physically healthy and energized are you?
How spiritual and inspired are you?

All Faculties In Agreement

How synergistic (in unity and in synch) are your mental thoughts, emotional feelings, physical sensations and spiritual intuitions?

5. All of Nature is One with its Environment, both Social and Natural.

How connected are you with the the people in your place?
How integrated are you with place of domicile?
How unified are you with the natural environment where you life?

6. All of Nature is Renewable.

How Capable Are You To Refresh And Rejuvenate Yourself?

Season Yourself:
Winter: How do you sleep?
Spring: How active and alive are you?
Summer: How much joy do you have and express?
Autumn: How do you harvest your work and get rewarded?

7. All of Nature is Adaptive.

How Change-Able Are You?

How are you adapting?
How do you get out of your comfort zone?
What’s your transformative breakpoint?

8. All of Nature Grows.

Elemental Growth Plan

Air: Got new ideas?
Water: Love it?
Fire: Embrace life force?
Earth: Have the resources?

9. All of Nature Knows How to Sustain

How Are You Sustainable?

What’s your opportunity in life now?
What setbacks do you turn into success?

Pick Cards For Your Opportunity… ‘What does Mother Nature want to tell you?

Manifestation Magic
Do you see your success?
Do you want to be successful?
Do you believe you can?
Do you do the do?
Do you keep repeating this?

Eco-Coaching Session With James Wanless
Eco-Coaching Session With James Wanless
Check out your Natural Intelligence – the key to a renewable, sustainable success life.
Price: $150.00

Mindful Voyager is Available

Mindfulness is the rage. And with good reason because it’s a way of acute self-awareness without judgement. This equanimous and objective self-attention gives you mental and emotional balance, and thus better decision-making and more emotional intelligence – all of which makes you more skillful in relationships and in navigating your life amidst change, uncertainty, and stress.

In fact, mindfulness is an imperative 21st century quality. However, I first experienced mindfulness in Buddhist Vipassana meditation courses in the early 1970’s in India. I knew this technique was integral to my path of personal and professional transformation, but little did I know then how critical mindfulness is now for the pressure cooker life we now lead.

I kept up my meditation practice, but unknowingly stumbled upon an amazing mindfulness tool and practice called “Voyager.” Voyager is a visually rich, multi-cultural, archetypal symbolic set of cards originally created by myself and artist, Ken Knutson, in 1985 as a tarot deck. Since then, Voyager has evolved into a mindfulness medium as well as growth practice, wholistic psychology and contemporary road map of life. Picking the Cards, we see ourselves through their symbolic mirroring and our intuition is catalyzed to give us insight and direction.

We become mindful of the extraordinary magnitude of our being through the archetypes as well as our everyday mental, emotional, physical and spiritual states. We gain an objective mindful like view of ourselves as we see by the Cards that lie before us. Because of our curiosity and the surprise and synchronicity of our cards, we are pulled to use them, and often as well as because it’s fun!

Voyager is mindfulness with a kick, however, because a practitioner over time internalizes this psychological map. Not only do you become vastly more aware of your personal and transpersonal depth and breadth, but you become the Cards. It’s this mindfulness practice that transforms a person into a more whole and healthy person.

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Voyager Session: A Revolutionary Way of Using Tarot with James

No longer fortune telling, a 21st century Voyager Tarot Reading is “Fortune Creation.” Consultations are an inspiring, empowering proactive process for creating your future! Using tarot as a “gps of the soul” and creative intuition, new thinking tool, Voyager sessions with author and creator of Voyager give you a down to earth, doable roadmap for navigating your life.

Voyager Tarot is a wholistic pathway that calls upon your emotional- physical- spiritual and mental faculties for getting real results. As a mythic approach, consultations with James Wanless give you archetypal, memorable, and deep symbolic picture-story for motivated, activated living.

Voyager Consultation with James
Reading - Counseling - Coaching - Mentoring
One hour In-Person or by Skype
One-Hour enlightening, inspiring, practical, savvy consultation with James Wanless is a fortune creation process for making your visions and dreams come true!

For over 30 years, the Voyager system is a proven mentoring technique for personal growth, business, relationships, health and sustainability.

Dr. James Wanless gives you:

“You are meant to be happy, healthy, and wealthy for a long, purposeful life.” – J.Wanless
Using your natural gifts and powers, Voyager Readings give you the magical way of the archetypal Magician within you to manifest and realize your visions and dreams.

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” – Emerson
You are uplifted by his positive and heartfelt passion for your potentiating yourself and optimizing your opportunities..

“The formulation of the question is far more important than the answer.” – A. Einstein
James is noted for his “Question and Answer” Readings and has the unique ability to ask the right questions, which lead to Aha’s and actionable insights.

“A life unexamined is a life not worth living.” – Anonymous
A keen and experienced observer of personality types, James determines your Life Cards, Year Cards, your Life Mission and Purpose, and turns your “shadow sides” and “setbacks” into stepping stones for growth and self-realization.

“The psychological mechanism that moves energy is the symbol.” – C.Jung
By the Voyager Deck, you are infused in your “mind’s eye” with symbols and imagery from the richly symbolized Cards that give you the power and passion to live your dream.

“The good life is the whole life.” – J. Wanless
An adherent to wholistic values of growth, James Wanless helps you structure your life so that your heart- mind- body and spirit are aligned and synergized so that you have the integration and diversity within to succeed.

Voyager Tarot – Way of the Great Oracle

This book brings together symbols and signs as never before so anyone can become their own oracle and realize their highest visions and dreams.

By referencing the Voyager Tarot® symbology as a master oracle, Dr. Wanless shows how other oracles such as the Runes, Crystals, Auras, Palms, Shamanism, Numerology and Astrology fit into our universe.

Featured are the Four Golden Truths and The Seven Steps of Power…processes for easy every-day use of symbolic imagery for self-empowerment.

All 78 cards of the Voyager Tarot deck are shown with an in-depth holistic description explaining each symbol. This revolutionary book helps restore the proper use of the ancient oracular art, which is to know thyself.
Paperback, 1989.

About the Author

James Wanless, Ph. D. (Carmel, CA) is a pioneer of new thinking for organizational and personal transformation, motivation, and empowerment. He received his doctorate in political science from Columbia University in 1972.

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

From the Introduction:

James Wanless, March 1989

“Oracles are misunderstood. The portal over the great ancient oracle of Delphi in Greece read, ‘Know Thyself.’ Oracles speak the truth about our human nature, but they only infer about our future.

“Oracles are a time-honored way of understanding ourselves as a microcosm of the universe. Through their symbolic way of telling this truth, they give us a way for ‘getting it all,’ for realizing the universe of riches that each of us possesses.

“Symbolic oracles, whether they be cards, stars, or crystals, provide a visual reminder of our natural wealth. These visual signs inspire us to realize this richness—for oracular symbols are powerful catalysts and motivators.

“By constant practice of consulting an oracle, recognition of our universality is firmly implanted in our consciousness-we remember ourselves. Through repeated oracular counsel, this seed within grows into actions, and our lives unfold fuller and richer in all ways.

“This book is about how to use symbolic oracles for self-knowledge and enrichment. It will teach you how to ‘read the signs,’ and how to apply them in your daily life for greater success. In the process, you will become your own ‘oracle maker,’ the creator of your own destiny.

“Voyager Tarot is the medium I have used to write this book. Through its wealth of symbols, it represents more of our universal richness than other oracles. It is a master oracle that includes many traditions and symbols. Voyager gives us power and inspiration to ‘get it all,’ for it is symbolically and visually evocative. As this oracle is ancient yet contemporary, profound yet easy-to-use and fun for everyone, and useful for all occasions and questions, we seek to consult the Voyager oracle often. By frequent remembering of our infinite nature, we reclaim the universe within us.” –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Voyager Tarot: Way of the Great Oracle - Softcover
Signed Edition and with a surprise Voyager Card for you!
This book, called “The Voyager Bible,” blends shamanism, psychology, art, and mythology into a modern ritual for self-creation. Featured are "The Four Golden Truths" and "The Seven Steps of Power" - processes for easy everyday use of symbolic imagery for self-empowerment. Way of the Great Oracle brings together symbols, signs and oracles from throughout the world as never before so that everyone can become their own oracle.
Price: $18.95


IT’S NOT TOO LATE!!!!!!! Do yourself a favor and invest in yourself with this tasty SELF-SUSTAINABILITY Path of Life. Writeup follows here. Let me know if you are interested.

The Path of Renewability

Learn how to apply the great eco-principles and green wisdom of the natural world to yourself so that you can create a sustainable and successful life. In this revolutionary approach, you will get a complete path – “the way of life” – for realizing your spiritual and material aspirations.

During this ONLINE COURSE of lecture YOUTUBES and interactive discussion ON SKYPE AND ON A GOOGLE CIRCLE GROUP, we explore what it means to live truly “eco-nomically” and to become “change-able,” which are the imperatives for a healthy and whole life in this changing and demanding 21st century.

In 2013, this “year of synergy,” we will activate your creative brain, motivated heart, renewable body and inspired spirit to re-energize yourself – the holy grail of today. We apply these sustainable-life fundamentals to your work, to your relationships and to our society and environment.

In this experience, we exercise your natural intuition by playing with Wanless’ new deck, “SUSTAIN YOURSELF CARDS,” which give you a vehicle for self-reflection and potentiation. And based upon his new book, “Sustainable Life: The New Success,” you become a first-ever Certified SUSTAINABILITY COACH.