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Just having read a neuroscience study about “superaging, count me in. I can still remember names and write articles. So far, so good. But what do the neuroscientists say are the activities that keep us mentally nimble like a 25 year old?  And is that it?  Is “superaging” only about playing bridge at 85 or just warding off dementia?

I like what the neuroscientists say though.  They espouse the old “work ethos,” but this time it’s working on yourself. It follows the universal eco-principle of “use it or lose it.”

To stay mentally fit, it’s not playing Sudoku (unless you want to be good at Sudoku). It’s about pushing your thinking mind. Neuroscience is on the right path, but from my experience of working at being a “superager,” it’s using your “whole brain.” This includes applying the mental faculties of creative and analytical thinking, picturing the past while imagining the future, and exercising the intuitive and emotional parts of our intelligence.

As part of mental fitness, sustain your “EQ,” which in addition to being mindful of emotions, it’s “emotional fitness.”  For a real energizer workout, express your feelings with gusto the way a bird cries an alarm or chirps a love ballad.  It’s a “sonic tonic.”  Do your “CQ,” which is the intelligence of actively following your curiosity.  And be “intuactive” – spontaneously act on intuitive impulses which are located in the emotional part of your forebrain.  This all means not to get sedated with the same old thinking and way of thinking. Grow your brain, which in fact occurs when your work it out holistically by as much sounding as thinking, and feeling your way along as much as logic would have it.

The super secret of “superaging” is to not be sedated by a sedentary lifestyle.  Neuroscientists have come to the conclusion that to keep the mind alert and attentive, you must move the body.  Even psychologists recognize that “sedentary behavior disorder” is a pathology.  A workout a day keeps the shrink away.  But what kind of workout?  Actually, the “fountain of youth” is right under your nose. It’s conscious breathing in harmony with physical movement.  Study after study has declared that aerobic workouts with intentional heavy and rapid breath make you creative, more intelligent, and a quick learner. Just going for a walk, but walking fast and breathing hard, is the single greatest habit and practice to follow.  Your brain gets younger because it grows new brain cells and it has changed my life.


Don’t be one of those 50% who join a gym but then don’t go. The best to keep working out is to get the endorphin hormones to kick in. Exercising hard gives you the “feel good” sensation gives you a healthy and natural opioid craving for it’s ecstatic high!

The “superager” grows young mentally, emotionally, physically.  It takes “attitude” for sustaining youthfulness by working out your whole self!  It seems like work and it is, but the key to this entire path is motivation!  This to me means “inspiration” – in-spirited and infused with the life force, which is inherent within us to keep growing to fulfill our life purpose and potential to be all that we can be. All of nature, except for us humans, do their very best to be who they are.  We however, get complacent and conflicted. As I say, it’s “death by comfort.” so get going to work on yourself to do your “lifework” and harvest yourself, ike all of nature, to become more resourceful, richer, and sustainable.  Become better with age into a sage. This takes a “breakout” from the concept of retired life into a state of “refirement.”

To get energized and re-energized to live the full life, turn on the power of your mind.  Exercise your imagination to picture your healthy, enlivened self years in your future. Feel it in your heart and throughout your body. Believe and affirm this in your thoughts. Take action. This has been my superager “wholistic” formula – see it, feel it, believe it, do it, expect it.  It’s the magic elixir.

Remember, not only are we our thoughts, our feelings, our actions, we are the people we live and socialize with. To stay young of heart and spirit, body, and mind develop a circle of fellow life-enthusiasts, seekers, explorers, creatives.

JAMES WANLESS, PH.D. is 74 years-young who authors, speaks, and counsels. He is the author of “The Sustain Ability,” an eco-psychologist who has created Sustain Yourself green wisdom cards, corporate trainer with Intuition@Work, and human potential mentor with his best-selling Voyager tarot Life-Master cards.

Balance.  endorphins

Growing young.

There’s alot to agree with in this study and

I am doing what the article says and more. According to the latest studies of our brain, it shows that by certain activities, we actually grow more neurons, which leads to a longer “wellthy” life.

At 74, it’s so far so good.

It’s getting fit for life, work out your brain and body. Use it or lose it.

Because I am more creative, more motivated, more mobile, more purposeful, more profitable, more passionate than ever before.

Conscientious stanford study

which first means loving life!

My brain is more creative, my heart is more motivated, my body is mobile, and I am inspired. I love life.


Work yourself… use it or lose it.

Fit for Life

Physically…. Aerobic walk, no sedentary behavior

Mentally… harvest what you know and keep creating

Emotional Fitness. Express emotions which put us into motion

Spiritual purpose of growth to be you and all of you.

The life force of curiosity, exploration

Make work you.. Harvest you!

Productive and useful to the end.. Nature.

Grow young

Seeing With New Eyes

The Quantum Voyager Experience of Multi-D Oneness

I knew there was a reason I changed the traditional tarot’s “Judgment” XX card to “Time-Space” in Voyager, but I wasn’t too clear about it at the time, just that it intuitively felt right. Now, thirty-five years later, I understand. It’s about the quantum weirdness of “entanglement.” Sub-atomic particles, even though split and transported half way around the world are still essentially unified as they can communicate to each other simultaneously as though they are “one” (which makes even traveling faster across space than light a quaint old concept).

So, perhaps our own personal “vibe,” when we handle the cards, is being communicated at a quantum level to the sub-atomic particles that comprise the symbolic imagery and color of the cards. We become entangled with the cards as “like attracts like” and probably more quantumly accurate, “like IS like.” Hence the great and mysterious synchronicities that we experience by the amazing correctness of picking the “right card.”

Voyager is a refined quantum experience because of its richness of symbolic and imaginal multiplicity. Voyagering is a true “Multi-D” experience.

This is my latest exploration of the “oneness of existence.” None of the following was consciously pre-meditated or planned as a quantum experiment.

IMG_7822Before I was scheduled for surgery on my “droopy eyelids” yesterday that had prevented me from seeing clearly, I picked a Sustain Yourself Card from my green wisdom deck of 101 images. It was a photo of a fetus or human embryo, entitled “New,” flying through space coming to earth for its birthing. Prominently and quantumly/synchronistically showing the features of a new embryonic eye, my intuition saw the image as me getting “new” physical eyes to “see with new eyes” – to view things freshly in a subjective sense. (This embryo image is also featured in the Fool-Child card in Voyager and I was reminded to trust the surgery and that it was a new beginning in some kind of way for me.)


Though I wasn’t thinking about it, that new eye “insight” did lead me to look at myself and my work with new eyes. I saw clearly, and finally, that it was time to release the words, “tarot reader,” which has been the karmic cross I have been bearing with Voyager. It became crystal clear to call myself and certify others as Voyager Counselor. It doesn’t sound like such a big deal, but to somebody who has been identified with tarot reading professionally for 37 years, it is.

IMG_7823I asked the Voyager Cards about this name change and the Card I received was the Sage of Crystals “Knower.” Sages in Voyager are the elders, wise ones, advisors, experts, consultants and “counselors!” That clinched it for me. Score one for quantum entanglement. Perhaps Albert Einstein, pictured in the Sage Card, is still turning and tussling in the ethers over the crazy but true nature of the sub-atomic world.


We have all heard the proverbial “as above so below” and I would extend that truth to “as outside, so inside, and so ‘porch side.’” Changing my eyelids are the porch (portal) through which I interpret on the inside about what I see on the outside. As I looked through my “multi-dimensional” lens, I no longer saw “tarot reader,” but “voyager counselor.” So, changing the porch/portal of eyelids/eyesight (the physical body), quantumly and simultaneously impacts on perceptual consciousness which immediately affects and effects outside material reality.

With wide open eyes now, literally, I am seeing more like a child with a beginner’s open trusting mind. “Tarot Reader” seems like a world long ago. I have been finally released, I am new born with new eyes and new life.

Mindful Voyager is Available

Mindfulness is the rage. And with good reason because it’s a way of acute self-awareness without judgement. This equanimous and objective self-attention gives you mental and emotional balance, and thus better decision-making and more emotional intelligence – all of which makes you more skillful in relationships and in navigating your life amidst change, uncertainty, and stress.

In fact, mindfulness is an imperative 21st century quality. However, I first experienced mindfulness in Buddhist Vipassana meditation courses in the early 1970’s in India. I knew this technique was integral to my path of personal and professional transformation, but little did I know then how critical mindfulness is now for the pressure cooker life we now lead.

I kept up my meditation practice, but unknowingly stumbled upon an amazing mindfulness tool and practice called “Voyager.” Voyager is a visually rich, multi-cultural, archetypal symbolic set of cards originally created by myself and artist, Ken Knutson, in 1985 as a tarot deck. Since then, Voyager has evolved into a mindfulness medium as well as growth practice, wholistic psychology and contemporary road map of life. Picking the Cards, we see ourselves through their symbolic mirroring and our intuition is catalyzed to give us insight and direction.

We become mindful of the extraordinary magnitude of our being through the archetypes as well as our everyday mental, emotional, physical and spiritual states. We gain an objective mindful like view of ourselves as we see by the Cards that lie before us. Because of our curiosity and the surprise and synchronicity of our cards, we are pulled to use them, and often as well as because it’s fun!

Voyager is mindfulness with a kick, however, because a practitioner over time internalizes this psychological map. Not only do you become vastly more aware of your personal and transpersonal depth and breadth, but you become the Cards. It’s this mindfulness practice that transforms a person into a more whole and healthy person.

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