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Happy Dog

Celebrating 2018 Year of Dog!

Happy Dog Cards are magic. They give you the most amazing energy and insight for how to be happy. These virtual cards will be delivered to your inbox or you can view them online.

You will love Happy Dog, s/he will make you feel good, give you advice, and watch over you. Happy Dog is your Angel of Pure Love and Joy. Happy Dog lives by the “Happiness Instinct.” Say “HI” with a smile and be a happy dog yourself.

Remember, your human DNA here on the backside of Voyager Tarot is essentially and exactly the same to your natural eyesight as Happy Dog’s DNA. Happy Dog lives within each of us. Activate your own happy life by living the principles embodied in the Happy Dog Cards.

While dogs are a “man’s best friend,” they are also best teacher! Happy Dog Cards prime your subconscious and move you to be happy. I have found Happy Dog to be the quickest and easiest “path of happiness.” No more meditating forever to reach Nirvana, no expensive behavioral modification classes, keep it simple, present, and appreciative. Happy Dog is our “minder” who reminds us to enjoy, savor, and wag.

Receive access to your Happy Dog Card every 2 to 3 days (once it’s fully implemented) Each Card will come with special instruction for unleashing the Happy Dog within you.

Note: HAPPY DOG was created by myself and artist, Robert Ryder. We scouted out the walls, murals, dogs, and dog care centers for several weeks throughout Los Angeles.

This 2018 Year of Dog project has brought me so much joy, fun, insight, and inspiration and continues to do so as I pick my own Happy Dog Cards.

Happy Dog Digital Cards
Happy Dog Digital Cards
Currently being curated. Cards will be available as created until they arrive daily. Discounted price will raise until all cards are ready to fly to your computer or inbox.
Price: $7.99
Price: $5.99


EXCEPTIONAL ROOSTER Cards. In my ongoing work as an oracle-maker and transformer, HAPPY DOG is a perfect segue to “THE EXCEPTIONAL ROOSTER” Cards. Rooster Cards, which are also available, give you the energy, confidence, and motivation to shine your light in the world!

Top Reasons to Get Happy Dog

  • We want to be happy
  • Dogs teach us how to be happy
  • Happy Dog Cards prime you and move you to be happy.
  • Raise your “NQ” – Natural Intelligence – so that you are happily one with nature and with your own nature.

What is Happy Dog?

Happy Dog is a set of Activation Cards. They make you happy by enacting in your life the natural principles that have made dogs happy.

Because our human DNA is related to the dog species, the Cards can actually evoke our own “inner dog” of joy, play, love and more. As humans with a judgmental mind, choose to have the amazing qualities of our canine sisters and brothers. By their symbols and your intention, HAPPY DOG Cards prime you and prompt you to wag and wiggle with exuberance and aliveness.

These Cards were made by myself, James Wanless, in collaboration with artist, Robert Ryder. For two weeks we explored dog-life throughout Los Angeles on public walls and murals, in pet shops and dog care centers, and on the street. Though we have featured many dogs, the most prominent dog is me in costume as the archetypal “happy dog” playing out all the different ways that dogs enjoy life.

HAPPY DOG is a continuation of a series of Decks representing the Chinese animal signs of the Year – EXCEPTIONAL ROOSTER, and the unpublished WHITE HORSE, WILD GOAT, and BOOK OF MONKEY Decks.

The primary way to use the Cards is playing the “master game,” which is growing yourself to your fullest expression. Picking a HAPPY DOG Card A Day is a catalyst for bringing out our inherent loving and joyous nature. HAPPY DOG is your “minder.” Use your Card as a constant reminder of being happy in whatever situation you encounter.

The Payoff

More than anything, we all want to be happy! HAPPY DOG is the quickest, easiest and least expensive way to happiness. And it’s fun, of course. More than a “path” of happiness, this is a “HIway” because these Cards evoke the “Happiness Instinct (HI) that inherently resides within us as emanations of the almighty and ecstatic, creative life force. By accessing and playing out our joyous nature, we cultivate our “NQ,” which is “Natural Intelligence” that is so imperative in our modern urban lives.

HI and NQ

Dogs are commonly referred to as “man’s best friend,” many famous people also had choice and lasting words for our four-legged colleagues.

You can say any foolish thing to a dog, and the dog will give you a look that says, ‘Wow, you’re right! I never would’ve thought of that!’ Dave Barry (author, Dave Barry Hits Below the Beltway: A Vicious and Unprovoked Attack on Our Most Cherished Political Institutions

& Be Happy

Want to Be Happy? Of course. But we get cranky, we get anxious, we get angry, we get depressed, we get bored, we get jealous, we get resentful, we get exhausted and we get unhappy. It’s time we transformed homo sapiens into happy sapiens.

Ho do we Become Happy? Work on it, take a class and read a book on happiness? .
The true shortcut path to happiness is to be with happy people. Who are they and where are they? This is why we have so many dogs as pets now. Dogs are happy!

Happy Dog cards make us Happy & Teach us how to be Happy

We are primed to be happy as a dog! The power of pictures influence our subconscious. The Cards remind us.

Dog’s R Us! DNA

Be Happy!

Happy to play, Happy to sleep, Happy to eat, Happy to see you, Happy to meet other dogs,
Happy to touch, Happy to look you in the eye, Happy to be alive.

Not only a “man’s best friend” but our best teacher. The qualities of a Dog teach us how to be Happy!

Develop your NQ and HI

Happy Dog is the Angel of Pure Love and Joy, the embodiment of the “happiness instinct.” Say “Hi” with a smile.

Yes, “Dogs are a Man’s best friend,” and they are our greatest teacher for how to live happy!

Happy Dog is Our Guardian. Keeping away the inner demons, the wolves of judgment that sabotage our natural state of happiness.

Happy Dog shows our own Dogged Resolve to stay in the present

Happy Dog is happy as a bulldog to give us the inner strength and bullish resolve to be happy at all times!


Happy Hi Way! Follow your joy and you will have the juice to be good, do good, and feel good for the good life! Hi!

Say “HI”…

I am a “synchronicity sleuth.” I connect dots for meaning. I am creating and transforming these days the 2018 Chinese Year of Dog to “HAPPY DOG!” Deck and Story. I just read that the single greatest class in Yale History is about how to be “Happy!” In a car line yesterday for 3 hours waiting to get into the U.S. from my Mexico dental appt., I decide to be “happy!” I was only irritated the last half hour. I wake up this morning to NPR about NASA’s flyby in which 1,400 Ham Radio operators say “HI” to spacecraft Juno simultaneously.. This is after dreaming all nite about “Happiness Intelligence” (HI) wtf?, indeed. Not just inspired, now I am obsessed making “HAPPY DOG” a serious/sirius barking path to relentless joy and exuberance!

Ready for the Hi Way?

Happy Dog Digital Cards
Happy Dog Digital Cards
Currently being curated. Cards will be available as created until they arrive daily. Discounted price will raise until all cards are ready to fly to your computer or inbox.
Price: $7.99
Price: $5.99