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Fortune To Youniverse

The Transformation Cycle to the Ultimate You!

Join James every two weeks, meeting on Zoom for for two hour video session. Together you’ll study and apply the Voyager archetypes one at a time in the Fortune-Universe. Follow a Card A Day healthy habit throughout the entire Course, picking cards based on the particular Archetype for two weeks study period in our exclusive private online chat room.

This is your opportunity to study directly with Dr. James Wanless, connect with your Voyager tribe, and become the Cards to become all that you are meant to be.

Series started Tuesday, January 23rd!

Starting in January 2018, the group of Fortune-to-YOUniverse students will all begin studying the first card (Fortune) at the same time. Attend the first meeting in a series of 12 live video conference meetings (each meeting happens for 2 hours on a Tuesday night at 5:30pm Pacific time, and the meetings occur once every two weeks, approximately).

Video conferencing software used is called Zoom. It is a free application anyone can download – but it does require that the student has a computer, webcam, and a microphone in order to join the meeting. You can alternatively choose to simply dial in via telephone call for an audio only experience. There will be someone who can help you with your technical issues.

James will introduces the card to the group will be able to participate in a live group discussion about it. The audio of the meeting is recorded and is available on the website so you can “catch up” by listening to the audio recording if you are unable to attend the conference.

After the conference the current card is discussed the following two weeks. Members with James are able to login to a private website where you pick a tarot card every day and post text messages, photos, and videos discussing your card. Spacing the study of each archetype over a period of two weeks allows you to really think about the energy of that archetype, and to deepen your understanding of it.

Sessions may only be purchased individually. Group session rate has ended.

Fortune To Youniverse - Individual Session
Fortune To Youniverse - Individual Session
Price: $49.95
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