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Forty-Four Transformation Cards and Story

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Created by: James Wanless, Ph.D. and Bob Ryder, Artist

All organisms on earth are related. Within you exist qualities of all beings, including the sacred and beloved rooster. Cultivating the traits and virtues of this amazing creature, you are on the evolutionary path of transformation.

Express the ancient rooster and evolve beyond the ordinary human by cultivating and incorporating the 44 qualities of the Rooster into human consciousness and behavior to be the “exceptional rooster” and live an exceptional life.

Rooster Cards help you become more appreciative and live in harmony with all of nature’s creatures. By “roosterizing” your life, you become more of you, more alive, more resourceful, more productive, more whole, more virtuous, and more conscious. Embodying the purposeful, positive and proactive rooster in you inspires creative action and renewable energy. You are naturally transformed, rebalanced, sustainable, and more successful.

The rooster will also provide plenty of warnings for not becoming over-controlling, egotistical, dominating, narcissistic, and unsociable.

Your daily do-able action. Small simple steps or actions you take each day.

Rooster Cards are a tool and path of self-transformation and success. You will receive a new card each day for 44 Days. Giving you insight into life and yourself. Just reading about each card is not enough. The “Exceptional Rooster” is a growth and self-development practice for acquiring new skills and habits that are particularly necessary in our 21st century world. Like the active rooster, these Cards are for taking action! Activate the rooster qualities in you by doing something “do-able” that is suggested by the Card you receive daily.

Like a rooster at dawn who calls us to wake up every day, receiving your Card from this Deck and prompt is a daily and sacred ritual – a healthy habit for waking you up and inspiring motivated action.

Rooster Card Creators

James Wanless, Ph.D., creator of best-selling Voyager Tarot and Sustain Yourself Cards, and Bob Ryder, photographer and artist.
Roosters are portrayed by James Wanless and photographed by Bob Ryder on the streets of Los Angeles, California and in the Florida Everglades over a two week period.

Daily Rooster Inspiration
Daily Rooster Inspiration
Every day for 44 days start your day with Rooster Inspiration. Your motivation to success!
Price: $7.99

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      • A favorite motivational matching quote
      • Your doable action
  • Activate your Rooster!
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Use these daily emails to become active in your own life. Actions to transformation you towards success. Make this a daily ritual of sacred Rooster inspiration.

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Daily Rooster Inspiration
Daily Rooster Inspiration
Every day for 44 days start your day with Rooster Inspiration. Your motivation to success!
Price: $7.99

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