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Oct. 16, Online “VOYAGER Star” Activation

Meets every other Tuesday at 5 pm (Pacific Coast Time). Sessions are 90 minutes.

Activates the 22 Major Archetypes in You.

Includes Talk, Interactive Breakouts, Active Imagination, Guided Visualization, Card Readings,Card A Day in between Sessions

Choose your Mythic Name.

Select your own Star in the Voyager “Regenerator” Star Nebula

Receive Voyager “Star Navigator” Certification Diploma

Southeast Tour

Oct. 23-24, Charlotte, North Carolina
Oct. 23 Readings and 6 – 7:30 “Be Your Own Oracle” Talk/Class
Oct. 24 Readings
Curio, Craft and Conjure

Oct. 27-29, Richmond, Virginia
Oct. 27 Evening “Be Your Own Oracle” Talk/Class
Oct. 27-28 Readings

Oct. 29, Brevard, North Carolina
Presentation of “White Squirrel Cards” Deck
White Squirrel Shoppe

Oct. 30, Hendersonville, North Carolina
Crystal Visions

Nov. 1-4, Atlanta, Georgia
Nov.1 Readings
Nov. 2 Readings and Talk/Class “The Eco-Spiritual Growth Path” (Sustain Yourself Cards)
Nov. 3 Class 1:30-5:30pm “Voyager Star” – Be The Star You Are!
Nov. 4. Readings

5531 Roswell Rd NE
Atlanta GA 30342


Nov. 15 – 27

Taipei, Taiwan – Kunming, China – Shenzhen, China – Hong Kong

December 7-23

Facebook: Voyager Tarot Taiwan

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