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Earth Day Wisdom for Self-Sustainability

The originating, prime mover of life, which may be called spirit or god/dess, is embodied in every detail of Mother Earth who has all the answers you need to know and follow.  Mother nature and her green way is the living proof of sustainable wisdom.  Look to earth for guidance.  

To be fully alive, sustainable and successful, follow the green trail that marks the way of nature.  Green is the color of life on this planet.  Sprouts are green.  New leaves are green.

When you have a decision to make about which way to go in life, do what makes you feel green ­– motivated, energized, creative and full of spring!

Follow the green way.  Ask yourself, does a choice give you energy?  Is it a direction that is renewing for you and keeps you renewed again and again?

When you live green, you are renewable.  You won’t deplete and pollute yourself.  You will live healthy and whole.

On the green path, you have the life force on your side.  You have the primal and primordial energy to succeed at anything.  Don’t think and analyze so much.  Simply follow the green feeling in you.  Feel it and with that impulse, do it!

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Laurie Brey May 6, 2010, 11:43 am

I have a question about your Voyager Tarot which I have. How do you relate the crystals and worlds to pentacles and swords. I am reading a different book and trying to figure out how to realate your cards to this other book.