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Sustaining Your Business – Exercise – Part 4

What about your body, the physical container of emotion, intuition, knowledge and spirit?  Just as a wire that is defective and thus cannot carry and transmit energy, a worn out body limits your effectiveness.  To be metaphysical, you must be physical.  What to do?  Eat less, eat better, go outdoors into natural light, breathe real air, and move. Go natural – no gym, no stationary bike, no trainer, no powder mixes.  It’s cheap, it’s easy, it’s simple, just do it.

What has changed my life this past year and a half, has been the extraordinary affect of going for a swift walk in nature several times a week while breathing strongly.  No breath technique, no going by the watch, no mileage counting.  What happens is that with the intake of oxygen, you grow new brain cells, your brain gets younger, your body is rejuvenated, and unhealthy aging is prevented.  This is empirically and scientifically true and I personally attest to its veracity.

I add from my own experience that if you don’t enjoy this aerobic walk, you are not getting it.  When you break out in a smile, you have discovered the fitness secret.  Moreover, you tap the wellspring of creative inspiration.  In your exhilarating walk of respiration, you get inspiration!  Your best ideas come from spirit and its swiftest introduction into you is through prana, the Hindu word for breath and spirit as one. Don’t know what to do for you business?  Walk and breathe in fresh ideas.  Don’t think and judge, act on the idea.

At your business or at your desk, don’t just sit there, do something, anything.  As nature, we are active beings that thrive on doing, not mentalizing. In the doing, we know what to do (how can we forecast anything in today’s world until we try and see), and in the doing, change happens.  Change is the only constant we know in the universe.  Making any kind of change is in the flow of the natural cosmos.

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