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Sustaining Your Business – Impulse – Part 2

First things first – do not expend energy by thinking so much.

Analyzing is slow, paralytic, and depleting.  In fact, most of our body’s metabolism is spent in the brain by thinking, which is is proven in neuroscience studies.  Thinking is way overrated and counterproductive.  Impulse is your answer and the way. Trust the intuitive impulse, that little feeling which moves you.  That’s your natural genius and source of magical living, though we’ve been taught to not trust it.

When you go with the continuous flow of impulses, you are in the flow of energetic living, moving effortlessly, joyously and correctly.  Now, that is efficiency.  Butterflies and bees don’t move in a straight, linear line of logic, but from here to there, unpredictably, spontaneously and effectively, again and again.

Of course, mistakes will be made (not every flower has pollen for the bee), but the quicker you get to failure, the swifter you reach success.  Powered by impulse, you will have the energy to move on and on until you find the honey.  And by the way, thinking and thinking something through does not even begin to guarantee success in today’s rapidly changing world.  The mantra for now is “fire, ready, aim.”  Cast your seeds and see which ones grow.  Who knows?

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