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Sustaining Your Business – with Energy – Part 1

The most important product in your store and in your work is you!  When you are passionate, engaged and knowledgeable, you are “it.”  You are the business.  It’s not about money, inventory, economy, or customers, it’s about you – your motivation to serve and succeed.

The real bottom line in business is energy.  With energy, anything is possible.  Energized, you can stay the course and go the distance. With energy, you are naturally resourceful, creative and resilient.

In these challenging times, the single most important thing you can do is re-energize, to restore, renew and restart yourself.  The Holy Grail of today is self-sustainability – the “sustain ability” to keep moving, creating, adapting, growing.

To sustain, demands that you “re” yourself and your business.  This means the ability to repeat, which results when you release, reduce, retreat, recover, recycle, refocus, repurpose, reignite, rekindle, reinvent, rebuild, rebirth, or redo.  If you can’t re, you can’t go on.  At no time in human history have we had to relearn so much on the job about how to work and rework.

Part of your business agenda must be dedicated to recharging yourself – to finding the way and doing the things that keep you turned on.  I don’t care how smart you are, or your great reputation, or vast experience, it’s how energized you are now that counts the most.

How do you do this?  It’s not rocket science, it’s not caffeine, it’s not pills, it’s the universal alchemy of synergy. That means to conserve and energize your mind, heart, body and spirit – all at once.

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