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COMPLETE IT! (And Feel Complete) 2016 “Year of Harvest”

Everything is information and energy. I pay attention to what I see, hear and read that moves me. When I realized that 2016 is the Year of Harvest, I was motivated and galvanized.  It’s  harvest time because 2016 adds up to 9, which is a perfect, whole number that is the end of all single digit numbers, hence a number of completion.  Just because of that, however, does not automatically mean that this is the year for realizing goals with some kind of payoff.  Prophecies are fulfilled by ourselves, not by some number. But the meaning of this number nine year felt right to me.  It is my time to harvest all the work I have put into working on myself and in my profession.

Number nine, however, has a deeper meaning for all of us.  It’s important to take note that as a culture, we have a tendency to not finish and not fulfill.  In our time of speeding and expanding media and consumer barrage, we get easily distracted by another new and different shiny object, or an alert on my phone, or because things take too long, or I lose belief, or, or… We have so many excuses for not completing what we start.  And it’s not healthy psychologically.  We are born of nature and everything in nature strives to complete its business except we humans because our world of artifice and technology has disconnected us from the natural cycle of starting, maintaining, and finishing. Losing our own nature leads to all kinds of pathologies. Think of this time as an opportunity to reconnect with your true self and be healed by getting it done.

Go the “whole nine yards” and you will feel more whole. It’s not about trying to be perfect. It’s about completing things to be a more complete person. Whether your castle is only made of sand makes no difference. Just finish what you started, and feel good about yourself and life.  The sense of completion is a very real sense.  Respect it, relish it and be healed.      sand