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When I left Edmonton it was beginning to snow storm.  It was almost a whiteout. I felt trepidation.


But then the plane became green and reborn again like Green Man!  It was like angels descended and saved the plane.




Taking off was crazy wild. I prayed. and up and up we went.




and all of a sudden we were free and clear and there was light IMG_6500



and as i looked at the wing go from deathly winter white to green new life to clear blue, i thought of angel wings and how many angels had helped us get up in the air and safely on our way home.


It was like the heavens opened IMG_6570

and demanded my infinite gratitude for so how many everyday people just doing their job – the mechanics, the de-icers, the engineers, the pilots, the manufacturers, the controllers, the attendants – were my celestial angels.





and as i was enveloped by the night, i know now that all of us are protected by the light held within the hearts and hands of the everyday angelIMG_6674


that take us into the forever fold of mother nature, father sky, and mystery night


holy, holy, holy