Life Navigator & Mentor


The Fortune Wheel is Turning…

Revolution is upon us.

The world has changed and will continue to change.

You cannot afford to go along and get along as usual.

There is no usual.

Opportunity beckons.


Human life has evolved through the millennia and so have our needs and desires. Having taken care of our basic survival needs, we want more. In fact, we want it all. And we want it all our own way as we are accustomed to having individual freedom of expression, freedom of choice and freedom of ownership. And in this time of “immediate gratification,” we want it all now! Because we live a longer life, we want to sustain it all for a well life and long life.

More than ever before in human history, we want more and expect more.

We want it all.
We want it all our own way.
We want it all now.
We want to sustain it all for a long, long life.



However, with so many changing and swift-moving possibilities, complexities and uncertainties, knowing how to navigate and ride our spinning wheel of fortune is challenging and tricky.



Unfortunately, old life-roadmaps of success are old. Traditional and 20th century models of success are obsolete. FORTUNE FORMULA is the 21st century roadmap. It gives you direction, a navigation tool, and activation process for creating it all. With this “life GPS,” you are not simply a subject of the capricious forces of life’s up and downs and all around wheel of chance. With an up-to-date, and inspiring navigation medium for immediately implementing your inherent richness, you will not be lost blowing in the wind, hoping, wondering, and wandering.

images-2_2Following the FORMULA is the best course of action to have it all because you hold in your own hands your gifts and powers to be yourself and to live abundantly as you are naturally created and meant to be.