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James Wanless, Ph.D.

The Ten Gold YOU Rules : Your Gifts, Powers and Activations to Have It All and Be Rich Enough for Life*


* Having It All and being Rich for Life is what “All” and “Rich Enough” means to you because YOU are the Creator of your Fortunes.
YOU are the Chooser of what you want.
YOU are the Resource and Talent to make YOUR Life Abundant.
YOU are the Fortune-Maker.
YOU are in Charge and YOU are Responsible.

I am generally suspicious of programs that claim great things, like getting it all and being rich for life. These assertions are good for marketing but are seldom fulfilled. It’s not that the intention or even the systems are faulty. Not everyone is capable of fulfilling the alluring promises in the way that the system declares because everyone is different with different values, skill-sets, circumstances, and motivations.

However, these appeals, especially make-money schemes, attract us inspite of their practical and realistic unfeasibility. They strike the dopamine receptors within us which give us an addictive craving that takes us beyond our own common sense.

In the effort to make the claims of “having it all and being rich for life” a responsible and realistic offering, it is qualified by “enough.” How much is enough? Only you can decide. This places the individual in charge of what “rich” means and of what “all” means. This is precisely the point of “YOU Are the Fortune Formula.” Once you know yourself and your values, you can take true responsibility for yourself. This taking of fortunes in your own hands is the absolute foundation for ultimately enjoying the successes that you desire.

In my case, for example, lots of money and possessions are not my highest values. I value freedom, health and vitality, creativity, joy, life purpose, serving others and the future of humankind, and long-lived sustainability more. But I need to have the material wherewithal to finance and support this. In fact, we all do want it all, but each of us design that mix of “allness” so that it works according to what we personally prize and can manage.

The first and ongoing “Activation” for living the Fortune Formula your way is your definition of “all and rich.” As you are a dynamic living process, your own understanding of “Allness” and “Richness” are subject to change as you grow, realize more of yourself. and experience deeper and different fulfillment.