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Voyager Reader Certification

Ahoy Voyagers!

This the first time I have taught a Voyager Reader Certification Course in America in years! Now is your chance to get all the latest greatest understanding of this magnificent tool as “The Navigation Tool for the 21st Century.” The Course enables you to “be your own oracle” and to provide insight and inspiration to others as form of your own “right livelihood.”

Not only will you experience how Voyager work wonders for yourself, you are on track to become a professional Reader (Counselor or Consultant). Voyager is perfect for navigating these revolutionary times because it capitalizes upon uncertainty and change as a tarot. No other mental faculty is as important today in our complex world as our intuition, which Voyager demands as it’s the most intuitive deck that exists. There is no other genuinely empowering “wholistic” process as this mind-heart-body-spirit-archetypal map of life. Unlike traditional fortune-telling, Voyager is a proactive fortune-creation manifestation medium that brings results. In this age of psychology, Voyager is a meta-psychology that incorporates many psychologies and is a cognitive behavior therapy.

It is Voyager’s time and your time! Invest in yourself, educate yourself, grow yourself and liberate yourself to be all you can be and help others live their destiny.

The venue for the class is on the water and is outstanding. It’s here in Marina del Rey where I live.

The “SPECIAL BONUSES” for signing up for the whole Course:

  • New Voyager Deck
  • StarTree pdf. – the ultimate Voyager work book that gives you everything about everything in Voyager
  • Personal Consultation with me.


Email or Call Shelley Warren: 310.570.6693

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Join the Voyager “Journey to the Youniverse”. I hope to meet you as a fellow Seeker and Seer.

James Wanless
Captain Pick A Card