Life Navigator & Mentor

Voyager the Self Navigation Tool

In a Revolutionary New World

To survive and thrive in the 21st century voyage of life in a revolutionary world that is ever-changing, complicated, diverse, competitive, stressful and speeding, you must have a inner navigator that is more than just a compass or an old, out of date map and model of life.

Remember this, Success Is an Inside Job –  Know who you are, why you are, and how to be yourself and live your life purpose to be truly happy, healthy, wealthy and sustainable.

VOYAGER is your self-navigator. It is your “GPS of the Soul” – a multi-functional, all-purpose tool for sustainable wholeness and wellness.

Here is why VOYAGER is the correct Navigation Tool for the Times:  

  • VOYAGER works because it represents Universal, Eternal, and Archetypal symbols that are the basics and fundamentals for successful living in any age.
  • VOYAGER works because it is Multi-Cultural and applicable to any society, anywhere, at any time.
  • VOYAGER works because it is Wholistic and Synergizes your complete self of mental-emotional-physical-spiritual faculties.    
  • VOYAGER works because its Symbolic Imagery activates your own personal Subconscious and the collective Unconscious – aspects within yourself that mostly govern you.
  • VOYAGER works because in this age of revolutionary change, it opens yourself to New Ways of Thinking and Acting in the world.
  • VOYAGER works because its a Catalyst to your own Intuition, which is 21st century Intelligence in times of change and uncertainty.  
  • VOYAGER works because it is Immediate, either in Card or Digital media.
  • VOYAGER works because it is Interactive with simultaneous use by multiple players and participants. You can have fun with others, empower others, and get more connected to others.   
  • VOYAGER works because of its Collage medium, which reflects the diverse-combining-hybrid nature of the  world today.
  • VOYAGER works because it focuses on the essential four pillars of life:
    • Work and Wealth
    • Health
    • Love and Relationships
    • Home and Nature

Voyager is Your:

  • PSYCHOLOGIST for Whole Success that reveals Yourself, your Talents, and your Life Direction and Mission.
  • INNOVATOR and Creativity Catalyst that gives you New Insight into any Question or Issue.
  • DECISION-MAKER and Strategizer advising you what Decisions and Actions to take for success in Business, Money, Love, and Health.
  • LIFE COACH for continuous Self-Development.
  • LOYAL FRIEND FOR LIFE Motivator and Inspirer, Encourager, Cheerleader that Affirms Your Belief in Yourself.
  • COMMUNICATOR with Others that gives you Connection and Relationship by using the Cards with others.
  • FORECASTER because it can go back in life to retrieve and reclaim wisdoms within and can go ahead to foresee and forecast.  Yet, it simultaneously reflects the Present – It’s a “Simulcaster.”
  • TEACHER and MENTOR demonstrating how to Transform Negativities into Positive Opportunities for Learning and Personal Power.