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Sustaining Your Business – Emotion – Part 3

Trust the way of nature and your own nature.  As a natural being, you are an instinctive creature who pulses with the beat of one intuition after another.  Lose your education about acting rational.  Nature is the model of success and sustainability.  All we have to do is focus on what our heart wants – pay attention to the emotion, which puts and keeps us in motion.  Following “feel-good” energy is how nature operates.

So, if you love your work enough, you will succeed.  With a work ethic of passion, you can sacrifice, work hard, keep going, survive and sustain.  The mentally smart ethos of strategic thinking is artifice –  tiring and even toxic by the kind of doubt and negativity it produces.

To stay energized, keep surfing the waves of impulse and do this magic ritual of success – an inner process to motivate and re-motivate yourself.  Close your eyes, imagine yourself being successful in your work, feel in your heart and body how good that picture of success feels, affirm to yourself that you can and are creating success, invoke the great spirit for help, and take action. Redo this simple meditation often.  This mental/emotional/physical/spiritual practice is synergistic, an alchemical transaction that begins within.  Success is an inside job.

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