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Consulting The Oracle: Priestess Way

The Priestess symbolizes that aspect of yourself that intuitively knows the truth. You are a repository of knowledge accumulated over eons of time and experience. Like stone from which the Priestess’ face is carved, this knowledge is enduring. As a sensitive bio-computer, like the dolphin, you are capable of quickly sounding out the truth of a situation. You are intuitive by nature.

Use cards as mirrors
When you read the tarot, the card-symbols will tell you what you intuitively already know. The cards, like the reflecting pool in which the Priestess dwells, mirror yourself. The tarot clarifies what you have already perceived, but which you have not fully recognized in your conscious thinking mind.

Be like water
In reading the cards, be open and receptive, like water. You are like a dolphin with a sonar intelligence capable of swiftly detecting the most minute and distant vibrations. How with what the card-symbol tells you. To be water, you cannot be defensive, judgmental, up-tight. Insecurity, which comes from a lack of self-confidence in your perceptions, makes you like rock. It is difficult to perceive anything in this state of hardness.

Hear the truth
After a card is selected in a reading, sit passively and wait. Wait until you hear a voice that tells you what it means. Notice in the Priestess Card how the Dolphin is next to the Priestess’ ear. Listen for the message. Be patient. Wait until all the static has dissipated. Communicate that message once it has come through. Tell the truth as your inner voice tells you.

Forget the literal meaning of the cards
Symbols trigger intuition. Intuition is Queen and King in the tarot. If the cards selected are “terrible” for example, your personal intuition about the person or situation may be vastly different. In this case you may want to ignore the literal meaning of the cards and go with your own sense. The cards are only points of departure for intuition. They can be read in any way, even in a totally reverse way. Cards do not have to appear upside down to be read in a reverse manner.

Be truthful
Always read the cards as truthfully as possible. Respect for yourself as a person and as a reader of tarot comes from your truthfulness. Even if the cards are bleak and your intuition can only see darkness, in truth there is always a way out. Truthfully explore the path to light. That path may not be easy. Truthfully state that it will not be easy. Only in truth can you be of service to others and to yourself.

Be pure
The Priestess is as pure as snow and clean as the mountain spring. She is as detached and distant from worldly life as the mountain snows. Never use the reading for your own personal gain, in the sense of trying to gain personal power over another or to get something from another outside of the reading.

A reading is potentially a powerful tool for manipulation of others. It can corrupt your integrity. Like the Priestess, be detached and truthful. Give the reading and then let the person go. Never compromise your integrity to make a dollar or to gain approval.

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