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My intuition was screaming at me, “Do it, do a YouTube!”  Yes, but… I don’t have a camera, I don’t know how to do this, I don’t, I don’t, I don’t.”

My intuition yelled at me again… “Just follow the energy and surf the inspiration.  Just feel it and do it.”

So, here I was in front of a little digital still camera with some video capability talking about the “Year of the Priestess.” (2009 adds up to the single digit number 2 and that corresponds with the Priestess archetype card in the tarot).

The Priestess concept felt potent, it smelled tasty, it sounded clear – all intuitive green lights.  Going with the green, which my mythic Greening Man mentor told me to do to be sustainable and successful, I  synchronistically came upon the fact that President Obama has the “Life Card” of the Priestess (he’s a two by virtue of his birthdate numbers).  Now I am talking tarot and politics, right up my wheelhouse as a Ph.D. political scientist and as a tarotist.

Then I find out that Vice President Biden and Michelle Obama are also Priestesses.

Also, 2009 adds up to 11, which in Voyager Tarot corresponds with the Leo archetype called Strength. Lo and behold, Priestess and President Obama is a Leo.  So, then I am YouTubing about integrating wise Priestess and expressive Leo types.

It keeps going.  Obama is the 44th President, which in the tarot is the number associated with the Fool-Child card.  This archetype represents new beginnings, a new dawn of a new age.

Indeed, I hit a gold mine, a rich vein for explaining the new politics of Obama.  All because I trusted and acted on my intuition.  Just follow your gut and keep going.  It will take you places your logical mind could not have imagined.  And you will make mistakes. So?  “If your not mistaken’, you’re not tryin’.  Remember the Fool-Child.  “It is only the Fool that becomes wise” said some sage that I can’t remember at the moment.The Priestess is smiling and I am in my synchronistic flow.

The next YouTube broadcast?  We shall feel and see.

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