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IT’S NOT TOO LATE!!!!!!! Do yourself a favor and invest in yourself with this tasty SELF-SUSTAINABILITY Path of Life. Writeup follows here. Let me know if you are interested.

The Path of Renewability

Learn how to apply the great eco-principles and green wisdom of the natural world to yourself so that you can create a sustainable and successful life. In this revolutionary approach, you will get a complete path – “the way of life” – for realizing your spiritual and material aspirations.

During this ONLINE COURSE of lecture YOUTUBES and interactive discussion ON SKYPE AND ON A GOOGLE CIRCLE GROUP, we explore what it means to live truly “eco-nomically” and to become “change-able,” which are the imperatives for a healthy and whole life in this changing and demanding 21st century.

In 2013, this “year of synergy,” we will activate your creative brain, motivated heart, renewable body and inspired spirit to re-energize yourself – the holy grail of today. We apply these sustainable-life fundamentals to your work, to your relationships and to our society and environment.

In this experience, we exercise your natural intuition by playing with Wanless’ new deck, “SUSTAIN YOURSELF CARDS,” which give you a vehicle for self-reflection and potentiation. And based upon his new book, “Sustainable Life: The New Success,” you become a first-ever Certified SUSTAINABILITY COACH.

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Melody Irle February 28, 2013, 9:47 am

This is exactly what is (I) needed.