James Wanless Ph.D.

Life Navigator & Mentor
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Voyager Star Online Course

Launching October 16th 2018

Voyager Star

Online Activation Class & The Ultimate Adventure!

Dear Voyagers and Friends,

I have taught Tarot and Voyager for 40 years for you to become a Certified Voyager Reader, Coach, Teacher, Counselor, and Master, but I have never elevated the Voyager Map of Human Consciousness to its highest expression until now. In Voyager Star, we journey together on an “Enlightenment Activation” to be the Star you are created, purposed and destined to become.

Born of stardust and light, rise and shine! Awaken to your natural state of enlightenment. Begin this process of self-creation into self-realization to live your truth with the “Voyager Star Reading.” Become a Certified “Voyager Star Navigator.” Experience the highest and deepest, true expression of tarot as a transformation and human potentiation tool. And it’s fun! Let’s launch.

JAMES WANLESS, Captain Voyager

>>>  I’m ready to board the Voyager Star <<<


OPEN Voyager Star: The Captain’s Log to see our last Voyage – The Course itself, the Mythic Names of the Crew, the real Stars selected from the actual Voyager “Regenerator” Star Nebula, Photos, and More!

What the course includes:

  • All Major Archetypes and their related Attribute Cards.
  • Online Sessions meet Every Two Weeks
  • Start Time 5:00 PM USA Pacific Coast Time
  • Sessions for 90 minutes
  • On “Zoom” Video Conferencing
  • Sessions Include Talk from Captain Voyager, Breakout Discussions, Visualizations, Active Imagination, Readings.
  • Between Sessions: Card A Day and Doable Actions on “Slack,” our own private online chat messaging service (SLACK represents “Searchable Log of All Conversations and Knowledge”).

YEAR LONG Course is Composed of TWO 6-MONTH CYCLES

First Cycle: Fool to Fortune

Establish your Core Center that includes the fundamental “Fortune Creation” skills (Archetypes 0-X)

Second Cycle: Strength to Universe

Transformation Breakout (Archetypes X1-XVI) & Youniverse Realization (Archtypes XVII 0 XX1)

Per Cycle price: $275

Abundance of Benefits

  • Embody the Twenty-Two Archetypes on this modern day “Hero’s Journey” to evoke your natural radiance on the evolutionary mission to shine your light and live your destined life purpose.
  • Be the “Fortune Maker” – Synergizing mind, heart, body and spirit to manifest your visions and dreams.
  • Become a Certified “Voyager Star Navigator” to share your light to enlighten others.
  • Make new friends, allies, fellow seekers and Voyagers in this support community.
  • Establish a “spiritual practice” of “Card A Day” shared with others.
  • Learn “depth tarot” for “reading” the Cards and, more importantly, “living” the Cards and their principles.
  • Discover your Mythic Name, which is so inspiring!
  • Select your actual Star from the Voyager “Regenerator” Star Nebula, which exists in the Unicorn Constellation.
  • Grow, transform and harvest yourself for a life fulfilled.

Bonus Gift On Purchase!

“Star Tree” – the ultimate Voyager “Bible” that provides meanings for each symbol in every Card and that provides your complete evolutionary journey.

Bonus Gifts with completion of year long program:

“Star Catcher” Bag and “Star Preserver” Stone.
Voyager Decks at Wholesale Prices for Teaching, Selling, Sharing.
Certification Diploma for doing the Required “Star Navigator” Sessions.

“Voyager Star Navigator” is not traditional tarot reading. It’s sharing the lofty principles of the 22 Archetypes to enable another to shine their light!

What others have said

“Great interacting with like-minded people and that inspires my own creative project.” – Cara

“Love the format. Makes Tarot alive and accessible.” – Carolyn

“The insights that come from the collective wisdom of the group never ceases to astound me!” – Rosemary

“I have learned how to become a ‘risk-taker’ and connect with others beyond

the U.S.” – Veronica

“Maintaining the ‘Fortune Habits’ are the keys to the Great Work and through the ‘Card A Day’ awareness and continual refinement, I’m becoming the highest version of my Self.” –Tommi

“Meditation, Intention, Action to keep going forward no matter what the obstacles are.” – Debra

“Be and embrace the Hierophant that I am.” – Jorg

“These practices have helped me stay on course with my career and personal objectives.” – Julie

“It gives myself the platform and formula to succeed.” – Captain Voyager

Purchase Options

Voyager Star Online Course 12 Month Special
Voyager Star Online Course 12 Month Special
Saves $100 off full price.
Price: $450.00
2 Payment Voyager Star Online Course 12 Months
2 Payment Voyager Star Online Course 12 Months
Save $50 off full price and take two months to pay.
Price: $500.00
5 Payment Voyager Star Online Course 12 Months
5 Payment Voyager Star Online Course 12 Months
Save $25 off Full Price and take 5 months to pay.
Price: $525.00
12 Payment Voyager Star Online Course 12 Months
12 Payment Voyager Star Online Course 12 Months
Make monthly payments of $50. This is only available until Oct. 16th.
Price: $600.00

Or Purchase a single Cycle

Voyager Star Online Course 6 Months
Voyager Star Online Course 6 Months
Single Cycle of the Voyager Star Two Cycle Course
Price: $275.00


Classes, Workshops, & Events

Ongoing Online Series Of Classes
Fortune to the Youniverse



Oct. 16, Online “VOYAGER Star” Activation

Meets every other Tuesday at 5 pm (Pacific Coast Time). Sessions are 90 minutes.

Activates the 22 Major Archetypes in You.

Includes Talk, Interactive Breakouts, Active Imagination, Guided Visualization, Card Readings,Card A Day in between Sessions

Choose your Mythic Name.

Select your own Star in the Voyager “Regenerator” Star Nebula

Receive Voyager “Star Navigator” Certification Diploma

Southeast Tour

Oct. 23-24, Charlotte, North Carolina
Oct. 23 Readings and 6 – 7:30 “Be Your Own Oracle” Talk/Class
Oct. 24 Readings
Curio, Craft and Conjure

Oct. 27-29, Richmond, Virginia
Oct. 27 Evening “Be Your Own Oracle” Talk/Class
Oct. 27-28 Readings

Oct. 29, Brevard, North Carolina
Presentation of “White Squirrel Cards” Deck
White Squirrel Shoppe

Oct. 30, Hendersonville, North Carolina
Crystal Visions

Nov. 1-4, Atlanta, Georgia
Nov.1 Readings
Nov. 2 Readings and Talk/Class “The Eco-Spiritual Growth Path” (Sustain Yourself Cards)
Nov. 3 Class 1:30-5:30pm “Voyager Star” – Be The Star You Are!
Nov. 4. Readings

5531 Roswell Rd NE
Atlanta GA 30342


Nov. 15 – 27

Taipei, Taiwan – Kunming, China – Shenzhen, China – Hong Kong

December 7-23

Facebook: Voyager Tarot Taiwan