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The Voyager System is comprised of a variety of different mediums, all of which are purposed to help you navigate life and grow yourself to become whole and all that you are meant to be.  By following this in-depth system that is based on the iconic Voyager Tarot Deck, you will find a multi-dimensional path and practice for self-realization.

Voyager Tarot Deck

Best-selling, multicultural, revolutionary Deck in print since 1985 (over 250,000 sold), Voyager is a 21st century map of life for proactively navigating a whole life as the “universal human.”

“Beyond any tarot symbology,” Angeles Arrien, Tarot Handbook

“A truly inspiring tool for seeing into the workings of my universe.” Mary Greer, Tarot For Yourself.

Combines intellect, psychology, art, and is picture-symbol rich for cultivating your intuition, the x-factor for success in a changing, uncertain world.

Includes a complete Guidebook for how to use the Deck and also detailed Card interpretations by Voyager creator, James Wanless, Ph.D.

Voyager Star Tree (PDF)

A 400 page pdf. This original Voyager “Certification Correspondence Course” is the ultimate reference book for all the symbols in every Card. Each Card has its own separate symbolic layout for a Reading that utilizes all the picture-images in each Card.

StarTree demonstrates the “Voyager Growth Path” from Seed (Fool Child) to Roots (Major Archetypes and corresponding Minor Suits 1-10) to Trunk (Family Cards) to Branches (Major Cards 11-16), and finally to Fruition (Major Cards 17-21)

Voyager: DIY Mindfulness Psychology - Signed
Voyager: DIY Mindfulness Psychology - Signed
Signed Edition and Includes Voyager Card as your Gift
and Includes Voyager Card as your Gift. Unlike any other tarot book, this shows how to use Voyager as an ultimate psychology: Oracular, Hermetic Archetypal, Wholistic, Transactional, Cognitive Behavior and Success Psychology. Revolutionary as a mindfulness practice, it leads to understanding who you are as a “universal human;” to maintain mental and emotional health; to have roadmaps for navigating your life; to have a transformative practice for potentiating and being all of you; and to have a “kitchen table wisdom” counseling tool.
Price: $14.95
WOW! Way Of Wholeness: Path of Paths
WOW! Way Of Wholeness: Path of Paths
Skype - Phone - In Person
Whole Self Mandala - Counsel Reading
Ten-Card session to analyze and activate your state of wholeness that includes Mind-Heart-Body-Spirit; Powers of Attraction and Creation; and Path of Success for Money, Work, Home, Love.
Price: $150.00
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