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Readings App: Voyager Tarot Card A Day iOS
Available from iStore only! $4.99
A beautiful, comprehensive App with Videos by James Wanless for how to use the Deck. Includes photos and definitions of all Cards. Has a One-Card and Three Card “Fortune Creation” Reading.
Price: $4.99
Fortune Formula Audiobook
Fortune Formula Audiobook
Two powerful guided meditation journeys by James Wanless to help you activate the highest, deepest and fullest expression of yourself. Inspired by the Fortune card in the Voyager deck, these meditations will inspire you to live your life purpose so that you can be happy, healthy and wealthy AND make the world a better place! (1 hour 8 minutes)
Price: $19.95
Voyager Tarot Companion Book
Voyager Tarot Companion Book
Magical Verses for a Magnificent Voyage by Lloyd Hegland.
Price: $16.95
The Soul of Success Workbook
The Soul of Success Workbook
Practical and comprehensive, this step-by-step program reveals how to use the profound and meaningful principles of the Voyager Tarot archetypes to make all dimensions of your life better and more brilliant.
Author: Betty Dietz
Price: $22.95
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