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“RE, RE, RE” – The Path of Perpetual RE-newal
REcycling yourself and your life by Redefining, Revisioning, Restoring, Rejuvenating, Reinventing, Retooling, and Restarting.
(Based on James Wanless’ “Sustainable Life: The New Success”)

“GOING THE WHOLE WAY” – How to live the Core Values and Aspirations of Life: Healthy, Wealthy, Happy, Holy and Sustainable.

2015 YEAR OF BALANCE – The Dance of Dances to maintain the Balance of Inner and Outer, Male and Female, Mind and Heart, Body and Soul, Work and Personal, Self and Society, Economics and Ecology.

PERSONAL NAVIGATION TOOLS FOR THE 21ST CENTURY – How to Use “Voyager,” the Life Map, as a Wholistic and Transformational Psychology of Success. It’s Mystic Magic at Work

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