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“THE FORTUNE FORMULA– The Ten Gold Rules, Gifts and Powers for Having It All and Being Rich Enough for Life”
(Based on James Wanless’ book, “Fortune Formula.”)

“THE CREATIVE IMPERATIVE” – In this “Creating Economy,” if you are not busy creating, you are busy dying.

“THE INTUITIVE EDGE” – The ‘X-Factor’ for Sound Decision-Making, Agile Adaptability, Ingenious Innovation, and Empathic Communication.
(Based on James Wanless’ book, “Intuition @ Work” and “Strategic Intuition for the 21st Century”)

“SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS” – The Holy Grail of Business.
The Ten “Sustain-Abilities” of Success, the Science of Making Change, and the “Eco-nomic” Way of Growth.

“YOUBIZ– YOU ARE THE BUSINESS” – In this century of the “You Revolution,” potentiate yourself, cultivate your skills, find your purpose and follow your passion to be your own brand and product. It’s “the New Age of the Entrepreneur.”

THE FIVE E’S OF EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION” – You Cannot Not Communicate in this “Sharing Economy” of Interdependent Interconnectivity.
(Based on Gold Rule Eight in James Wanless’ “Fortune Formula”)

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