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Using my intuition is moving me to new places, new points of view and new frames of mind!
~ Creative Director, Full Bloom Pty Ltd

portrait of James WanlessThe 21st Century Leader

Leadership in the 21st century is more challenging and demanding than ever before. Incessant change, fierce competitiveness, and daunting complexities in a topsy turvy world easily chew up would-be leaders. It takes a whole and integrated person who can communicate and team-build, who knows the formula for getting results, is change-able, and understands the sustainable principles of growth.

It’s All About You!

Success is an inside job. Ultimately, success is about what is within you, not the latest greatest, sure-fire business technique. As the number no.1 resource for successful leadership, work on yourself and grow yourself into being whole and healthy on all levels by following this “synergized way of being:”

Creative Mind – Develop an open, positive, opportunistic and intuitive mind.

Motivated Heart – Cultivate a balanced and yet passionate heart.

Renewable Body – Learn how to replenish and renew yourself physically with an “energy diet” and recyclable lifestyle.

Inspired Life of Destiny – Seek “right livelihood,” where your life purpose and profession are one and the same.

Not just another talking head, James is an emotive physical presence with rich life experience whose message is to live passionately, purposefully, and profitably.

Keynote Speaker

James is an exciting speaker who motivates and brings you into his world of personal power and creativity. Below are some of the companies he has provided an innovative and expressive presentation to.

The Commonwealth Club, San Francisco – American Society for Trainers and Developers in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Dallas – Business Success Conference 2000, San Francisco – Bayer Chemical Company – Santa Barbara Council of Industry and Commerce – XL Corporation, Bermuda – Australia Association of Employment Agencies – Australia Sales and Marketing Conference – World Future Society, Washington D.C. – QVC Television, New York – California Council on Self-Esteem – Whole Life World Expos in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Miami, San Diego, Denver and Atlanta – Franfurt Ring, Germany – American Society of Holistic Nurses – American Association of Transpersonal Psychology – National Speakers Association of Australia – National Australian Business Women’s Conference – PIRA, Los Angeles – MegaSociety of Southern California, Anaheim – Computer Future Conference, Paris

Speaking from waterfall Green Man

Recent studies have shown that intuition is hardwired in our brain, and can be developed. Current research shows that our most successful CEO’s, scientists, innovators and salespeople rely on intuition.

What is intuition? How do you strengthen it? How can it be applied in your business? These are the issues we will discuss and practice in this “how to” training for experiencing your intuition. We consider actual issues in your business and how to apply your intuition to solve them.

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