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Fortune Maker Series with James Wanless

Online self paced course



This is a six-month Online Training createdby James Wanless. You will experience this “map of manifestation” by activating the archetypal personalities within you of Fool to Fortune. Each lesson, you will exercise the power and wisdom of a different inner archetypal resource on this modern day hero’s journey.

Apply the Voyager “growth path” for being all that you are to have all that you want.

All hour and a half sessions consists of a video get-together, a talk by James Wanless for the “archetype of the month,” discussion breakouts with others, an Activation, sharing Cards that have been picked online, and the archetypal guided meditation of the month.

All sessions are recorded along with a state of the art online chat room called the “Fortune Circle” for sharing your Card A Day, Keeping your own Journal, picking Voyager online Cards. Get access to “StarTree,” the ultimate Voyager Reference and Source Book.  And as a bonus, learn Voyager with the creator and master.

Acquire the “Fortune Habit!”  Discover your “mythic name.” Meet fellow Voyagers!  And it’s fun.


Fortune Maker Session
Single Live 90-Minute Session with one-month access to the Fortune Circle Online
Price: $49.00