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Fortune Maker Series with James Wanless

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Join Me On This Journey to Having It All To Be It All!

This course is based upon my Fortune Formula as an Entrepreneur for 40 years. A success psychology and roadmap that includes modern-day psychologies, ancient esoteric Hermiticism, Behavioral economics and current business trends, and my own diverse Experiences.

cards-on-wheel-2016-04Featuring! Live Monthly Sessions the first Tuesday of each month (5:30-7pm Pacific and 8:30-10pm Eastern).  Including a new Gold You Rule, followed by a Activation of the Principle. Using guided meditation, group and paired-off discussions, and then Picking a Card from the Voyager deck as an ally to help put the principles into practice.


It Works!


  • Get activated, motivated and inspired to create the life you want to live
  • Receive coaching from James and commentary on the 10 Gold You Rules
  • Experience guided meditations and practice Fortune Maker activations online
  • Learn about Face Up Tarot and explore the Fool to Fortune archetypes
  • Have fun and come alive on the greatest adventure of life!

Space is Limited!

Only 29 Seekers.. will you be one?

Fortune Maker Series
Twelve Live 90-Minute Sessions, full year access to the Fortune Circle Online, and a Voyager Tarot Deck.
Price: $499.00

These Sessions are Supported by a continuous Fortune Circle online community discussion & sharing space.

We Want Results!

The Fortune Circle Community is private, Facebook-like on steroids, and has the complete Voyager deck for doing Online Readings, which are included as an integral part of the Fool to Fortune journey, as well as recorded versions of the sessions and guided meditations.

One Session $49 (which includes the Fortune Circle for a Month)

Fortune Maker Session
Single Live 90-Minute Session with one-month access to the Fortune Circle Online
Price: $49.00

The Full Twelve-Session Gold Rule Live Course Your year-long Fortune Circle Community $399 • Save $189 by purchasing the entire one year package & I’ll send you a complimentary Voyager Deck.

Create Your Abundance, Live Your Destiny. Choose to be the Fortune Maker that You Are!

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