Life Navigator & Mentor

Professional / Business / Corporate / Organizational

TEAM BUILDING – Using the classic Katzenbach & Smith “Discpline of Teams” approach, and in addition, innovative, interactive communication and strategic planning processes, eg. The Five Corporate Animals; Hero’s Journey Storytelling; Where Are You on the “Fortune Tree;” What Soup Can WE Cook Up?

INNOVATION – Outside the Box Metaphoric Thinking, Imaginal Magic, Strategic Storytelling, Collective Heart Stirring, Kinesthetic and Sensory Discovery, Intentional Synchronicity, Symbols, and Surprise.

YOUBIZ PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT– You Are the Business: Know Yourself, Free Yourself, Be All of Yourself, Now!

FORTUNE FORMULA – Learning and Following the Ten Gold Rules, Gifts, Powers and Activations to Have It all

FROM FOOL TO FORTUNE – A mythical “creation story” that is a real roadmap for potentiating the great inner archetypal personalities that are necessary to play out in life to live a purposeful, productive, profitable and passionate fulfilled life.

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