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We don’t go anywhere these days without a GPS.  We’ve even mapped the moon, the ocean bottom, Mars, but what about ourselves?  In these fast-changing times, we need a human roadmap more than ever so that we know our center, who we are, where we are in consciousness, how and when to tap which inner resources, how to manage blocks and detours, where to go within ourselves to achieve our goals, and what are your life-destinations, anyway? Otherwise, we are lost in choices, distractions, influences, overload, compressed time.  What does our inner compass say, but what compass?

In the old days without much change and complexity, following the roadmap of how to live  according to one’s parents, family and tradition was simple.  And the ancients had astrology, the I Ching, palm readers, oracles, and the like; however, these maps and mediums are too antiquated for our new world of daunting complexity, speed, ambiguity, diversity and constant change.

Some old roadmaps still work today because they present universal, primordial, cross-cultural truths that are a priori to human existence. Personality archetypes found in the myths of yesteryear are still applicable. Mythic stories can still guide us. The story that I have chosen as my life guide is found within the esoteric hermetic tradition of the Fool on the quest to wholeness, represented by Fortune. We all still desire this state of well-being and in fact, we “want it all” (to be sustainably healthy, wealthy, happy, holy, free, at peace, in loving relationships, and more). And we are still Fools, like what do we know anyway? We simply trust the life force and put one foot in front of the other, trusting that we are making progress and attaining our visions and dreams. [click to continue…]

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WHY CARDS? See the Voyager Signature Reading: The Whole Self Mandala

I made the multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-use VOYAGER TAROT to create a 21st century “map of life,” a true “gps of the soul” for navigating our changing world and for creating our own fortunes.

I use the Cards “face-up” to give me inspiration and counsel for successfully completing my endeavors, and I pick cards “face-down” to break me free of my habitual assumptions and projections. It’s a wondrous whole-brain tool for new insight and innovative thinking.  I call this process “fortune creation,” an evolution far beyond fortune-telling prediction fiction.

Voyager Cards are all nuggets of information that are holistically organized in an archetypal way that nudges the psyche in a deep, positive and grounded way. The surprise, the synchronicity, and the visual symbols collaged into a dreamlike landscape pique our curious intuition, which is the x-factor for evoking brilliance.

The most amazing corporate event I’ve ever had with the Cards was an afternoon with Oracle, Inc. Their accountants went creatively bonkers loving the play of possibilities as a team-building exercise by interacting intuitively and mythically as they chose Cards for the “Hero’s Journey” process I gave them.

The “Whole Self Mandala” in my short video presentation is a way of reading the cards to determine the state of our wholeness, healthiness and synergy of mind, heart, body and spirit; and to reflect upon the condition of our finances, work, home and love life.

This ten-card layout is a perfect mandala for assessing and manifesting our visions and dreams for this coming year, which in 2016 is the “Year of Harvest.”

In the short video, I actually picked a couple of cards facedown from the Mandala layout and they were Nine of Crystals “Narrowness” and the Ten Card “Fortune.  Both of these Cards are “perfect” because my message in this number nine “Year of Harvest” is stay focused and go the whole nine years (Narrowness) and take the entrepreneurial risk of breaking out and taking a chance (Fortune). “Why We do Cards ” is because we learn to trust the mystery of synchronicity and embrace uncertainty and the wisdom of letting go of control.  In this world today of continuous change, those are the right and necessary qualities to have.



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Workshop: Discover the Renewable You!

Nature’s Wisdom for Self-Sustainability

Learn the basic principles of perpetual self-renewal, of how to re-energize and sustain for a long, successful and well life – the Holy Grail today – through the eternal and universal principles of Mother Nature’s “green wisdom” by using the Sustain Yourself Card Deck.

Grow yourself to evolve and stay relevant in life by experiencing how to use the 101 Sustain Yourself Cards.  You will know how to use these nature Cards as your Coach to develop and grow yourself into your apotheosis – the highest expression of yourself.

You will experience the natural process of manifesting your goals and aspirations through the “Fortune Tree” Reading in which you will see by the organic unfoldment process of a tree, how to plant your seed intentions and reach full fruition of your life purpose.

It’s your unique opportunity to connect with your own nature and with the insight and inspiration of James Wanless, Greening Man, creator of the Sustain Yourself Cards; author of Sustainable Life: The Success & Adventures with Greening Man: My Mythic Mentor for Ever-Renewing Life.

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COMPLETE IT! (And Feel Complete) 2016 “Year of Harvest”

Everything is information and energy. I pay attention to what I see, hear and read that moves me. When I realized that 2016 is the Year of Harvest, I was motivated and galvanized.  It’s  harvest time because 2016 adds up to 9, which is a perfect, whole number that is the end of all single digit numbers, hence a number of completion.  Just because of that, however, does not automatically mean that this is the year for realizing goals with some kind of payoff.  Prophecies are fulfilled by ourselves, not by some number. But the meaning of this number nine year felt right to me.  It is my time to harvest all the work I have put into working on myself and in my profession.

Number nine, however, has a deeper meaning for all of us.  It’s important to take note that as a culture, we have a tendency to not finish and not fulfill.  In our time of speeding and expanding media and consumer barrage, we get easily distracted by another new and different shiny object, or an alert on my phone, or because things take too long, or I lose belief, or, or… We have so many excuses for not completing what we start.  And it’s not healthy psychologically.  We are born of nature and everything in nature strives to complete its business except we humans because our world of artifice and technology has disconnected us from the natural cycle of starting, maintaining, and finishing. Losing our own nature leads to all kinds of pathologies. Think of this time as an opportunity to reconnect with your true self and be healed by getting it done.

Go the “whole nine yards” and you will feel more whole. It’s not about trying to be perfect. It’s about completing things to be a more complete person. Whether your castle is only made of sand makes no difference. Just finish what you started, and feel good about yourself and life.  The sense of completion is a very real sense.  Respect it, relish it and be healed.      sand

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When I left Edmonton it was beginning to snow storm.  It was almost a whiteout. I felt trepidation.


But then the plane became green and reborn again like Green Man!  It was like angels descended and saved the plane.




Taking off was crazy wild. I prayed. and up and up we went.




and all of a sudden we were free and clear and there was light IMG_6500



and as i looked at the wing go from deathly winter white to green new life to clear blue, i thought of angel wings and how many angels had helped us get up in the air and safely on our way home.


It was like the heavens opened IMG_6570

and demanded my infinite gratitude for so how many everyday people just doing their job – the mechanics, the de-icers, the engineers, the pilots, the manufacturers, the controllers, the attendants – were my celestial angels.





and as i was enveloped by the night, i know now that all of us are protected by the light held within the hearts and hands of the everyday angelIMG_6674


that take us into the forever fold of mother nature, father sky, and mystery night


holy, holy, holy

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