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We don’t go anywhere these days without a GPS.  We’ve even mapped the moon, the ocean bottom, Mars, but what about ourselves?  In these fast-changing times, we need a human roadmap more than ever so that we know our center, who we are, where we are in consciousness, how and when to tap which inner resources, how to manage blocks and detours, where to go within ourselves to achieve our goals, and what are your life-destinations, anyway? Otherwise, we are lost in choices, distractions, influences, overload, compressed time.  What does our inner compass say, but what compass?

In the old days without much change and complexity, following the roadmap of how to live  according to one’s parents, family and tradition was simple.  And the ancients had astrology, the I Ching, palm readers, oracles, and the like; however, these maps and mediums are too antiquated for our new world of daunting complexity, speed, ambiguity, diversity and constant change.

Some old roadmaps still work today because they present universal, primordial, cross-cultural truths that are a priori to human existence. Personality archetypes found in the myths of yesteryear are still applicable. Mythic stories can still guide us. The story that I have chosen as my life guide is found within the esoteric hermetic tradition of the Fool on the quest to wholeness, represented by Fortune. We all still desire this state of well-being and in fact, we “want it all” (to be sustainably healthy, wealthy, happy, holy, free, at peace, in loving relationships, and more). And we are still Fools, like what do we know anyway? We simply trust the life force and put one foot in front of the other, trusting that we are making progress and attaining our visions and dreams.

As a mythic mapmaker, I have created a deck of cards called “Voyager” that visually and symbolically picture the “Fool to Fortune” hero’s journey. As a card deck, I pick cards, either face-up or down (both ways work for life-navigation insights). My interpretation of their meaning by using the “whole brain” of logic, experienced memory, imagination, and intuition gives me a balanced sense of myself – who I’ve been, who I am in the present, where I am going with my life, where I can go, and how to get there in a wholistic way. Plus, archetypal symbols are innately motivating and have deep “priming”  impact on the psyche. “Voyager” is my go-to navigation tool, a “gps of the soul.”

Exemplary of how this works, I am educating the public about “FortuneMaker,” an online series of classes for “having it all your way.”  This means me making some short video presentations, which means me just doing them and seeing what happens.  The archetypal Fool, who in Voyager is the “risk-taking free spirit, wild child, adventurer, experimenter, explorer,” is my guide.  Truly inspired from within by the “Fool Child,” I have freed myself from my perfectionist and doubting self and have trustingly produced a series of YouTube videos (including this “Fool To Fortune”).

The Fool Child archetype is the first interactive online FortuneMaker class for a year-long series of archetypal activations. To create a life of fortune requires processing over time the cultivation of new “fortune habits,” a support group (our Fortune Circle ongoing chat room) and the guiding story/roadmap (Fool to Fortune). This is real and really fun!  

First session is FEBRUARY 2 (5:30-7:00pm Pacific and 8:30-10pm Eastern)

For more Information and Enrollment: http//

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