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WE NEED YOU! A Card Experiment in Synchronicity.

One of the most powerful aspects of doing tarot is applying “intentional synchronicity” – the cards you get in the “reading” will be the “right” cards for you.  This synchronicity “practice” alerts you to the energetic field of “oneness.”  Knowing that you are “connected” gives you power, resources, meaning, belonging.

This is what happened at a recent lecture/group Reading at Changing Times in West Palm Beach, FL.  NOW, WE WANT YOUR INPUT AND YOUR CARD TO EXPLORE SYNCHRONICITY.  Read on…

The intention in West Palm was to ask the Tarot how we could renew, recharge, rebound, refresh, reenergize, rejuvenate, and reinvent ourselves amidst this world of change, uncertainty, stress.  For each question we asked, one person from the group picked one card for everyone.  Synchronicity, synchronicity!  BECAUSE YOU ARE READING THIS NOW, THIS READING APPLIES TO YOU. Synchronicity rules, always!

The first question we asked was of the Major Archetype cards (universal personality types) for how to sustain ourselves in these times.  It was the FOOL CHILD, which in Voyager Tarot is the trusting, exploring, risk-taking, curiosity seeking inner kid and free spirit in all of us.  That is what we need – try the new and different, learn from mistakes, play with the beginner’s mind energy of the child, and believe, believe, believe.   It is an open world of opportunity, so take the leap. And keep growing and going!  Yaha.

In this “Wheel of Fortune” Reading, a Card was picked for our Work situation.  It was EQUILIBRIUM. For our Health, the Card was FEAR.  For our Relationship lives, the Card was LOVE.  For the United States to renew itself, the Card was REGENERATOR.

Now, that we have chosen five Cards, WHAT PATTERN TO THE CARDS DO YOU NOTICE.  Patterns are so telling.

Now, pick your own personal self-sustainability and renewal card. Please email me (, tell me your Card and if you want, please tell me how that Card fits or does not fit into the pattern of the Reading that you see. That would be grand!

This experiment in Synchronicity asks that you participate! We’d like to see just how the phenomenon of synchronicity works and will report the results in the January Connection.  Thanx, thanx, thanx.

–  Captain Pick a Card M.S. (Mystical Scientist)Card Draw-blog

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  • Laurie December 12, 2009, 10:32 am

    Good afternoon! Really enjoying our posts. Wanted to let you know that I tried on a couple of occasions to send the card of my choice, to you, via email, and received and email back,

    This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

    Delivery to the following recipients failed.

    In any case, the card I chose was the Moon!