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Fool To Fortune Intensive-Jan 29-30 in San Francisco, CA

I am getting jazzed about my new Intensive, Fool to Fortune which is happening January 29-23, 2011!  I will be working on sharing with you my work on the Voyager tarot cards and how the Fool through Fortune all play out in your life and how you can work with them to  create your own path from Fool to Fortune.

You can sign up at Tarot Media Company for this great class and get all the details.  Also since you are reading this here, you get a special discount! Save $60.00 off by entering “fortune” at check out in the coupon code.

Here is the write up on the class.  I hope to see you there!

Fool to Fortune is the ultimate adventure – the master game of life and the modern day Hero’s Journey. Utilizing the Tarot as a proactive tool for “Fortune Creation,” this fast-moving, power-packed weekend gives you the insightful and inspiring MAP – Mythic Action Plan – for living your destiny.

In today’s world of change, complexity, speed, and uncertainty, how do you know the way to achieve your desire of wholeness and well-being? Yesterday’s rules and customs are obsolete. Tarot gives you the timeless path and inner compass for being happy, healthy, holy, and wealthy.

You will create your own life story by activating within you the universal archetypes starting with the”beginner’s mind” of the Holy Fool and move through the life portals of your Magician power, Priestess wisdom, Empress creativity, Emperor success, Hierophant learning/teaching, Lovers connection/communication, Chariot energy, Justice balance, Hermit healing, and Fortune joy.

In this process you will learn how to read the cards for yourself and others. For participants at all levels of Tarot experience. And it’s fun!

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